Ronn Moss' Solo Act

His upcoming solo CD isn’t out yet, but THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s Ronn Moss is already hitting the promo circuit.

“Life’s accelerating again, because I’ve got all this music stuff I’m involved in,” Moss sets up. “I’m just finishing up my CD, Uncovered, and I’m gearing up for doing a bunch of promos.”

His first stop was to the Los Angeles-based morning radio show Mark and Brian on Sept. 22. “It was fun!” Moss raves. “Those guys are great. I had never met them before, but Mark, especially, is a big fan of the show. He watches with his wife. They were sweet and great about it.”

So, was the veteran musician/actor anxious about going live? “Yeah, I was really nervous,” he admits. “I don’t get nervous here [at B&B], because I know more of what’s going to happen. It’s different playing live on the radio, where it just spills out. That was a big unknown for me.”

Of course, the show went off without a hitch, and part of the segment was even repeated the next day. Mark and Brian chatted up Moss and his old bandmate Peter Beckett, who also lent a hand on the new CD. Moss gave fans a sneak peak of Uncovered by playing five tracks from the album. The highlight for many, however, was when the hosts convinced the duo to do a live performance of their Player hit, “Baby Come Back.”