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Robin Strasser (Dorian, OLTL) took to Twitter to discuss her feelings about OLTL getting shelved — and the unpaid salary she is reportedly owed from Prospect Park. "OK-I'll step IN it:) I signed a #PPP contract for a full year! When they "shelved" #OLTL pending lawsuits w/ #ABC I did NOT think: cancelled," she said. "SHELVED doesn't mean CANCELLED. Vet me w/dictionary-W/guarantee of a # of weeks work during a year-I worked 11 until "SHELVED" stay tuned... NAIEVE is not a word often applied to me LOL but I want #OLTL#AMC to be REVIVED & STAY THAT WAY! SUE ME:) & if I've mis-stepped-they WILL:) I RESPECTFULLY requested to be paid the balance of my 1YR contract on or about 2/14 if production didn't resume. #PPP sed w/due respect: NO I LOVE #PPP OR any entity that goes the DISTANCE:) for #OLTL#AMC :) I'd go recurring if #ABC gets smart again LOL I'm so smart I'm stupid:) Back to conclude point: Legally #PPP has in their contract the term: ceases production. Ergo: shelved='s no dough for many:( shelf=cancelled Does this mean "give up"? or start hunting down meanies? I'm too exhausted & chubby for that:) But I remain BIG on #SOAPS & FANS who LOVE'em FACE SAVER I'm a Magical thinker-IMO a good solution: #ABC & #PPP negotiate compromise- #AMC#OLTL back on network-PP gets fair $hare MAGIC? I'M STEWING TOO LONG (lol) I've got to go live my purported real life...but I'm sure I've got more than ONE Life to Live Dagnabit I MISS it"

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