Robin Riker: A Beth of Fresh Air

A week before her June 18 debut, Weekly grabbed a few minutes on the phone with Robin Riker to dish her stepping into the shoes of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Beth Logan. Read on to discover the funniest call she’s made about the role.

Soap Opera Weekly: How are you enjoying the cast of B&B?
Robin Riker: Everybody’s been so welcoming. My first day that I arrived, I wasn’t even working, I was just showing up to meet the-powers-that-be. John McCook (Eric), who wasn’t even working that day — I think he was dropping off some paperwork — came in to show me around and introduce me to people. He spent a good hour chatting and welcoming me.

Weekly: How did you end up getting the part of Beth?
Riker: It was very fun the way I got the part. I was living in New York and doing theater, and I got a call saying that Brad Bell (B&B’s executive producer and head writer) was interested in meeting with me for this role. Never having done much soap opera before, I wondered what it would be like, but I was unable to come back [to L.A.] right away. This was on a Monday, and on Tuesday, my friend had taken me to a ball game. I took out my cell phone to take pictures of the diamond to send to my husband, and I saw that there were two urgent calls from my agent. I had to leave the stands to talk, and the only place that I could find any quiet was in the ladies’ room. They said that Brad wanted to talk to me, and I said, “Well, I’m in the ladies’ room at Yankee Stadium if he wants to give me a call.” (Laughs.) Two minutes later, the phone rang and Brad said, “I understand we’re having a conversation in a funny place,” and I said, “Yes.” He said, “Do you want me to call you tomorrow?” and I said, “No, I rather dig it that we’re talking in the ladies’ room at Yankee Stadium!” So we had a 20-minute conversation. I made my very first deal for the one of the very first series I ever did on a pay phone in a coffee shop, so it seemed [to be] in the right realm for me.

Weekly: What do you hope the viewers take away from this new incarnation of Beth?
Riker: It’s interesting, because we’ve been shooting shows and shooting shows, going right along, but having it not on the air yet, it feels a little like I’m doing home movies (laughs). It’ll be fun to see how the people respond and how the fans relate to the family and her return. I look forward to it.

Weekly: Beth has a lot of history with Eric and other characters on the show.
Riker: I know. It’s so exciting. In the shows we’ve shot, we’re just dealing with her immediate family right now. I know how clever Brad and the writers are in interweaving everyone, and so there’s plenty of opportunity for Beth to interact with people. I’m just looking forward to what unfolds.

Weekly: She’s got old enemies, she’s got old lovers…
Riker: And Patrick Duffy (Stephen) is there now, so that’s fun. He’s lovely — fun, funny and generous — as is everyone on the show thus far!

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