A River Runs Through Them Page 2

1997: River took his first steps and said his first words as a Carpenter, but the marriage wasn’t made to last — Cassie fell for Kevin. She held off for a while, but ultimately gave in and slept with the eldest Buchanan son, then ‘fessed up to Andrew. Divorce! said the rev, who also intended to make sure that River would live with him. Cassie fought back, but Andrew refused to let the child anywhere near Kevin.
Since Then: Cassie’s mental faculties ultimately failed her (despite a wedding to Kevin), and she was shipped off to Switzerland in 1998 to recover. River was occasionally seen as a playmate for Starr, but more or less disappeared from the canvas when Cassie did. He was occasionally referred to, though: In June, 2001, Andrew spoke of taking River to see his mother in Switzerland. Later that year, when Andrew told Kelly that he was going to Africa “for a while” to work with AIDS patients, River presumably did not come along and stayed with his mom, who is now recovered and lives in Savannah. But what comes next for this child? We bet he’ll make a splash in Llanview….

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