Rick or Treat!

These days, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Rick is trying to seduce Jackie, but he’s no stranger to impulsive behavior and harebrained schemes. How does Kyle Lowder reconcile his character’s wacky antics? Weekly finds out!
Soap Opera Weekly: Obviously, you have a great grasp of how Rick is and how he’s always doing these crazy things. Have there ever been times where you look at the script and you just go, “Wait, what am I doing?”?

Kyle Lowder: [laughs] Not anymore, not anymore. It’s not to say that I’m not excited about [playing crazy things], but it’s happened so much that I just read it like, “Okay.” Am I surprised? No. Shocked? No. Excited? Yes! I read it and say, “Wow, this is gonna be zany and off-the-wall.” Or maybe I say to myself when I read it, “I don’t know how I’m gonna do this.” But I guess that’s the beauty of it. It’s just more work for me. Nobody wants to play a boring character who does everything right!

Weekly: I don’t know that there are any of those on B&B. Everyone’s always doing something shocking.

Lowder: I think a lot of the time, viewers on message boards, their response to things is like, “This is so crazy; that would never happen,” or “This is so off-the-wall.” But, ultimately, you don’t want to do something so normal it doesn’t get a reaction. I mean, what would the message boards, the fan reaction, look like? Would it be like, “Oh, that would happen every day. That’s really cool they did that”? No!

Weekly: Like, “Oh, Rick’s doing laundry. Wow! Thrilling!” That’s not going to happen.

Lowder: We have to give viewers something to react to, a resounding positive or a resounding negative — which is still positive, because they’re reacting. My dad told me a long time ago, “The worst thing you could have is indifference.” You want people excited either way. So, this [pursuit of Jackie] is just another one of those things for Rick to stir the pot or to create a lot of banter.

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