For the Record

Who: The cast and crew of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL

What: The Guinness World Records officially named B&B as Most Popular Daytime TV Soap.

When: On May 18, 2010

Why: B&B can be seen in more than 110 countries. In the 66 countries and territories where there are scientific people-meter systems in place to measure television viewing audiences, B&B garnered 24.5 million viewers in 2008 — a higher figure than any other telenovela or soap opera.

Where: A ceremony was held on the B&B set in Los Angeles, CA.

How: Stuart E.F. Claxton, a representative from Guinness, presented Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell with a framed certificate of the distinction.

Guinness World Records Adjudicator Stuart E.F. Claxton (l.) officially presented Brad Bell with the honor of Most Popular Daytime TV Soap. “In an era which is segmenting audiences and where measurement becomes as precise as ever, this really does justice to all your hard work for over two decades,” praised the rep.

“I knew I wasn’t going to get in for the longest fingernails,” joked Bell. “Every time I come into this studio, I marvel at what we all do together. We transform these sterile walls into a warm, loving, magical place where for 23 years, people from all over the globe have allowed us to become an extension of their families.”

What was Katherine Kelly Lang‘s (Brooke) response to B&B’s latest honor? “But, of course,” she smiled. “We’re the most hardworking group of people, so it’s nice to get the official recognition.”

Ronn Moss (Ridge) videotaped the ceremony with his camera, just like he has done for all of B&B’s events. “I’m gradually putting all my videos on hard drive so I can start editing from the beginning and create a timeline,” he revealed. “It’s happening slowly because it’s a long process. From Day 1, I started taking pictures and then I went to tape when I got the video camera. I’m planning to make a fan version and a personal version.”

“I’m positively delighted,” said a giddy Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie), who joined the celebration while on her way for a wardrobe change.

“Well, this would make me the most watched bitch in the world,” laughed Susan Flannery (Stephanie, l., with Bell and his mother and B&B’s co-creator Lee Phillip Bell).

“I’ve been here for almost one third of a Guinness Book record!” declared Jack Wagner (Nick, with Sarah Brown, Aggie).

“I think this is pretty amazing,” marveled Ashley Jones (Bridget, r., with Heather Tom, Katie, c., and Adrienne Frantz, Amber).

Y&R’s Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael, l.) showed up to give his congratulations, then tried to snatch the certificate from Brandon Beemer (Owen)

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