Quick Take With Emme Rylan

Credit: ABC

(Digest spoke with Rylan before she welcomed a daughter on June 26.)

How has the home stretch of pregnancy been?

“I’m feeling good, but I look like I’m carrying twins! It’s ridiculous. I make the biggest babies. I’ve looked like I’m nine months pregnant for months! My boys [Jackson, 7, and Levi, 5] were 9 pounds, and the doctor said, ‘I think this baby is going to be bigger than her brothers.’ But I’m not as big in person as I am on camera. When I take that wardrobe off, I look like I lost, like, 20 pounds.”

You were soliciting baby names from fans on Twitter. Was that helpful?

“It was actually really helpful! A couple that were favorites of mine came up in people’s suggestions. I posted that because I was like, ‘I cannot come up with her freaking name! I need other people to give me names!’ The baby’s last name is Money, because Don’s [her partner] last name is Money. That’s a very hard last name to have as a girl! She needs, like, the driest, most unsexy first name to counteract that so it doesn’t sound like a porn star name. We’ve been referring to the baby as No Name, like, ‘Take this to No Name’s room.’ Jackson wanted to name her Pinkie Pie. I told him, ‘You’re fired and you’re not allowed to be a part of this process [laughs].’ ”

In your fictional life, Lulu finally got custody of Charlotte — but now Valentin is coming back.

“We shot an episode where Lulu and Charlotte were just in, like, a utopia of joyful bonding time, and that’s when I knew, ‘Oh, no, it’s too good. Something bad is coming.’ On a soap, the happier you get, the sooner it’s going to completely fall apart!”

You love playing high drama, so you must be pleased to have James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) back on the scene.

“Oh, absolutely. He’s a really amazing addition to our show. When you have a bad guy that’s just a bad guy, there’s a point where you just don’t care. You’re like, ‘I just want you to get put in jail and that’s that.’ Good bad guys make you feel, like, ‘I hate you and I feel sorry for you!’ To me, that’s what he’s created, where it’s not one-dimensional. ‘He’s a murderer — awww, but he’s such a good dad! Wait, how did you get us on your side?’ It’s really, really fun working with him.”

I think “Lante” fans appreciate that Lulu and Dante are taking Valentin on together.

“Yes, I totally agree. Sometimes when I say, ‘I want the drama,’ people get upset because they’re like, ‘But we like Dante and Lulu together!’ Can’t we be happy and have drama that isn’t wrecking our family? I think it’s good that they are happy together and a united front, but I think we can be together and have drama.”