Q&A with...Lindsay Korman

Soap Opera Digest: How have you changed over the past four years?

Lindsay Korman: I’m more relaxed, which is kind of funny. I have much more fun with my life in general. I have a house now. My family is closer than ever.Digest: Fans want a Theresa/Fox pairing. What do you think about that?
Korman: I love it. I love working with Justin [Hartley, Fox]. He’s awesome. We have a fun time together. And, of course, I love working with Eric [Martsolf, Ethan]. I know that my character loves Ethan and she’s always going to love Ethan, but it would be great to have a side thing with Fox. I feel like when we work together, we’re really free and that’s what [the audience] sees. We just get to be who each other’s characters are and we’re very accepting of each other’s characters. I think that’s what fans really like, as opposed to my character crying over him or having lied to him. And Ethan is married to Gwen, and Fox is single and my character is single, so I think that’s what they see.Digest: How has having a baby on the show affected your life?

Korman: I love it! It’s the highlight of my job. Working with the kids, No. 1, makes me free as a person. I really have to be in the moment and I have to keep coming up with ideas, so I think it keeps that spontaneity flowing. And then it has also taught me not to worry about my lines because I know my lines. I had a problem with making sure I said my lines right. [Working with a baby] is a distraction and it frees you up. You realize the scene is really not about the dialogue, it’s about what is coming across. It has taught me a lot.Digest: Does it make you want to be a mom?

Korman: Yeah, it does. Being single, I’m not going to be having kids anytime soon [laughs]. But I look forward to that day.Digest: How have you mastered memorizing your lines?

Korman: Some days I can’t retain it; I have to go over and over it again. But usually I can read a script like three times, no matter how much dialogue I have, and get it. You know your character and pretty much know what she’s going to say. You know how she’s going to say it. You could almost hear everybody talking around you because you’ve been working with them for so long. It’s the same stuff, different day, but it’s fun.Digest: What’s going on with your music career?

Korman: I sang in Nashville at Fan Fair. I still sing at events, but other than that, I’m just acting.Digest: What do you do on your days off?

Korman: Lay out in the sun, shop, hang out with friends and relax and enjoy life.Digest: What has been your most memorable scene?

Korman: Most memorable scene? Oh, no! I think the execution and the stuff at the hospital with Travis [Schuldt, ex-Ethan] because he was leaving [the show]. I think there was so much to play and the stakes were really high for the characters and the people. It’s difficult to pinpoint what I loved best. I love working with Ben [Masters, Julian]. I love working with Justin. I love Brook [Kerr, Whitney] and Kim [Johnston Ulrich, Ivy] and everybody. Digest: Do you keep in touch with Travis?

Korman: Yeah, I talked to him about a month ago. I hear from the makeup department, who have mutual friends, who give me the input on him. He’s doing great, he’s happy and his pilot [10-8] got picked up.