A Q&A with Mark Pinter (Brad, GL)

Mark Pinter: I was over there today getting some wonderful suits from Shawn [Dudley, costume designer], so that was nice. I’ve worked with Shawn before [at AW]. He knows my body. He always takes care of his actors. I’m sure it’s going to be a nice, warm place. I’ve known all of those people for many, many years. I stopped in to say hi to [Senior Producer] Bobby Kochman, who’s a sweet, sweet guy and was a producer there when I was there, God, in ’81, something like that. You probably weren’t even born yet!Soap Opera Digest: Oh, I was! And you played Mark Evans.
Pinter: (laughing) A rotten guy. I know, me playing a rotten guy. That’s what I do!Digest: What did you know from the outset about your character?
Pinter: When I met with John [Conboy, executive producer], he said, “What do you want to know? I’m not going to tell you anything anyway!” Which I like. I don’t like knowing anything because it never comes true anyway. Whatever they throw my way, I’ll play it. I’ve been doing this too long to really care too much. I mean, I care — obviously, the work is great — but whatever they throw my way, I’ll just run with it. I do have fun playing these guys. John tells me that he likes to have fun. I’ve known John since 1979, when I was in my Hollywood days. I did a couple of Lorimar shows for some good friends of his.Digest: Who else do you know at GL?
Pinter: Jerry [verDorn, Ross] was there. Of course, I worked with Marj [Dusay, Alexandra] on ALL MY CHILDREN [where she played Vanessa]. Peter Simon [Ed] was there when I was. I’m really looking forward to seeing him. I think [Michael] O’Leary [Rick] came after I left. So, Peter and Jerry. They’re the old-timers [laughs] and I adore those guys. Peter’s a great guy and a wonderfully talented fellow, writer and actor.Digest: And in October, you made an appearance on AMC.
Pinter: I love Rebecca [Budig, Greenlee; ex-Michelle, GL]. She’s a dear, dear person. Rebecca and Josh Duhamel [ex-Leo, AMC], who is doing so great in prime-time now, were the reasons it was so fun for me to be over there. And they had some wonderful hair and makeup people. So, you know, I’m always grateful for work. I have three kids in college, so I can’t really say no to work!Digest: Any other upcoming projects?
Pinter: Charles Keating [ex-James, PORT CHARLES; ex-Niles, ATWT; ex-Damon, AMC; ex-Carl, AW] and I are working together on a project, a workshop production of David Storey‘s Home. I’m going to direct Charles and Patrick Horgan, who’s a wonderful actor. They’re going to do the roles that were made famous by John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson in 1970 on Broadway. We’ll workshop that next spring, trying to find two wonderful women for the piece, as well. Those kinds of things you just have to make happen yourself, because no one’s going to let you do them.Digest: Have you watched AW on SOAPnet?
Pinter: I haven’t yet. I think they’re three or four years away from getting to me. I should take a look at it; I’m sure it’s very interesting. It points out the huge differences in soap operas from 16 years ago to today.

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