Q&A With Heidi Mueller (Kay, PASSIONS)

Soap Opera Digest: How was your first day at PASSIONS?
Heidi Mueller: Everyone is really nice and I thought it went well.Digest: How far in advance did you get your script?
Mueller: Maybe the week before. I was studying every day, all day, all night so that I had those lines down. I worked with the acting coach and ran lines with her over and over again.

Digest: How do you memorize your lines?
Mueller: I feel like I have a photographic memory; I can memorize pretty quick, so it wasn’t really the memorizing that I struggle with, it’s more the acting part, since I’ve never done it before.Digest: Your first scene was with Juliet Mills’s Tabitha. How did that go?
Mueller: She is just amazing. It makes the job so much easier! She’s so sweet and was so welcoming and I love her to death. She’s great.Digest: Did she give you any advice?
Mueller: Actually, just watching her is enough. She said that I was doing alright. There were a couple of lines here and there where I said, “Hey listen, if there’s anything you want to say, you just tell me, €˜Heidi, that was horrible.’ You go ahead and say it and I’ll change it.” I watched how she’s very organized and she’s very into her work and just watching her taught me a lot.Digest: Was there any supernatural stuff involved on your first day?
Mueller: Yes, there were some special effects. It’s so much fun. It’s the coolest thing. I love it. It’s not your normal, everyday story, so it’s fun.Digest: Have you settled into your dressing room yet?
Mueller: There’s really nothing in there yet. I need to bring some stuff in; that’s the next step. I’m sharing with Danica [Stewart, Jessica]. She’s very, very sweet.Digest: And what about your apartment? All moved in?
Mueller: Yes, actually I am. There are a couple of pieces of furniture that still haven’t arrived, but other than that, it feels like home.Digest: Coming from Cincinnati, have you adjusted to L.A. yet?
Mueller: I’m not yet used to it. All these freeways, I don’t know where I’m going. I know how to get around where I live, but that’s about it. But I like it; it’s nice out here. I like the weather. I feel like I’m on a big vacation. I’m not used to all this. Back home right now, it starts getting coldDigest: Your brother Chris just moved to L.A. as well.
Mueller: Right now, he’s hanging out at my place. I’m like, “We will find you a place soon, Chris.” I think he’s going to live nearby. It’s great to have him out here. I feel more relaxed because he’s like my best friend, so it feels better. I knew that he had always wanted to move out here, but I didn’t know that he was going to until the week before. I was crying ’cause I’ve been by myself, so just to have one person from my family here is great.Digest: Is he acting?
Mueller: He’s going to try to pursue it like everybody else [here].Digest: Have you been recognized from MARRY MY DAD?
Mueller: People recognized us when we would go out occasionally. It’s not like people go crazy, but when you least expect it, we’ll get, “I know you from somewhere.” I’m like, “No, you don’t.” It’s funny.Digest: Do you still keep in touch with any of the MARRY MY DAD contestants?
Mueller: Yeah, I do. I probably talk to [finalist Cynthia] more than anyone else. We talk to each other almost every day. She’s the nicest person. She’s the sweetest, sweetest person ever. And I still keep in touch with [winner] Christena, as well. She just came to visit with [her son and daughter] Joe and Ashleigh. And I went to visit her [in San Diego] as well.Digest: Are Christena and your dad still together?
Mueller: They’re taking it day by day. He still lives in Ohio, she’s still here in California, and neither one is moving, so they’re just doing the best they can, I guess. I got them together and now it’s up to them.[NOTE: Since this interview was conducted press reports have indicated that Christena and Heidi’s father have decided not to wed, because neither wishes to move to be with the other.]

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