Q&A with GH's Cynthia Preston (Faith)

Soap Opera Digest: Does it surprise you that Faith has become such a popular character?
Cynthia Preston: Well, the fans that write into my Web site love Faith, but if I go over to [another board], there’s a posting: “Faith must die [laughs].” Digest: Fans seem to enjoy that she’s evil, but also fun to watch.
Preston: I’m so lucky that [the writers] write her fun. I always get these sassy lines — people write to me: “Oh, my God! I was rolling around on the floor laughing after you said, blah, blah, blah.” So that is truly wonderful, and I hope that the majority of the viewers feel that way. Digest: Did you expect the character to take off and become so pivotal?
Preston: A lot of people have said they got the impression that it was going to be some short arc, but the show didn’t present it to me that way. The writers presented it like they were bringing on a serious rival for Sonny. The writers tell me they’re very happy with me; you just never know when that’s going to change [laughs].Digest: What were your thoughts when you learned how evil Faith was going to be?
Preston: I’m used to playing the fluff — the girlfriend, the victim. It’s not very often that a great part like Faith comes up. So, this was cool. I didn’t even know what I was going to be doing. They said [what they wanted from me] and I was like, “Oh … that’s what you want. I can do that.”Digest: You seem like you’re enjoying this role, and how Faith is written, immensely.
Preston: I am. I dare [the writers] to frighten me, to challenge me … which is so Faith. I think most actors start to morph into their character as they become aware of the characteristics of their character. So it was perfectly fitting that I would say, “Oh, yeah? Bring it on!”Digest: How are you and Faith similar?
Preston: I’m not afraid of anything, because I’ve had a couple of experiences in my life where I’ve been genuinely afraid. All of the little things we get afraid of are nothing.Digest: Do you find yourself always dressing in black, a la Faith?
Preston: Well, I always did. It’s not full black, it’s black and gray. I’d wear like, gray sweats and a black top all the time. So it was very similar that I also wore a lot of black.Digest: You recently spearheaded a charity event to raise money for the Desi Geestman Foundation. What is this organization all about?
Preston: It’s a wonderful organization founded by the Geestman family. Their daughter, Desi, lost her life to cancer. She always wanted to help other children with cancer, so this foundation does just that. It provides financial, spiritual and other types of support for children with cancer and their families.Digest: How did your involvement with the foundation come about?
Preston: Well, Alicia [Leigh Willis, Courtney, GH] thought of the whole idea, and I jumped onboard with her and said, “Yes, let’s seriously do something.” We just started talking to people. Now simultaneously, my dear friend, Mahar, was looking for a community project to do. He discovered the Desi Geestman Foundation. We saw the videotape and said, “Absolutely. This is amazing. Anything they want, we’ll do for them!”Digest: Were you pleased with the outcome?
Preston: I can’t tell you how happy I was. It was amazing! It looked like the people who ran it knew what they were doing … but we didn’t [laughs]. We made $20,000! They’ve invited me to [be the foundation’s] official fundraiser. It’s such a big deal because it’s not like The American Cancer Society that needs millions of dollars for research. This is one small, family organization/foundation that assists one ward at one hospital. So that $20,000 is going to make a really big difference. Digest: Everything seems to be going really well for you.
Preston: It’s been so much fun. I hope it continues, but if it doesn’t, something else fabulous will come along.

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