Q&A With ... Elizabeth Hendrickson (Maggie, AMC) Page 2

Digest Are you enjoying working with Ivan Shaw (Henry)?

Hendrickson: I really am. Unfortunately, our storyline has moved quite slowly, so every time we’re working we are reminding the audience of what’s going on. For a month-and-a-half, we’ve sort of had the same dialogue over and over, which is really hard. But I really like Maggie and Henry together, and I really like Ivan.Digest Many viewers, especially those who were invested in the Maggie/Bianca pairing, have been slow to warm up to Maggie and Henry as a couple.

Hendrickson: I just don’t think the fans have had the chance to get to know them as a couple…. They were trying to give me something to do, but we were on the back-burner. We were only on one or two days a week, if that. I think the fans definitely need to give him credit because he’s very hard-working, he’s so happy to be here and he’s good! He’s a really good actor.Digest Do you sense a difference in the writing for Maggie now that Megan McTavish is back as head writer?

Hendrickson: Yes, a wonderful change. I feel that Maggie is coming alive, finally. For a while [she’s] been in sort of a rut; I feel like [she] got a little boring. [Megan] definitely threw some spice and life into my character, which is so refreshing. I even see a difference in her language and dialogue; she’s really speaking like a young woman. She’s becoming more three-dimensional.Digest You’ve had a pretty light year, storywise. Are you the kind of person who enjoys having a lot of time off, or do you start to get stir-crazy?

Hendrickson: I like it when I have my time off, but it’s hard because in this city everything is so expensive: movies, eating, dance classes…. There are only so many dance classes I can take because they’re so expensive! And I like to shop. On my days off, I walk around. And what ends up happening? I walk into every store in SoHo, and then I really am spending money I don’t have because I’m not working! Last summer, I had a light schedule and I loved it because it was the first time I got to really enjoy summer. I went away, I had fun, I spent a lot of time with my family, I went to the beach. But this week, I worked four days, and I work four days next week and five the week after that. So, it looks like my summer won’t be like it was last year, and that’s fine because I had a great summer, I had a light fall and winter and now things are picking up again. I’m excited to be working more again.