Q&A With ... Elizabeth Hendrickson (Maggie, AMC)

Soap Opera Digest:You’re just back from Super Soap Weekend in California. Did you have a good time?

Elizabeth Hendrickson: It was really great. I brought my roommates, who came with me last year, and Jonathan Bennett [ex-J.R.] came to stay with us, too. I didn’t have that much time to run around the park, but they had a blast! I was happy I could do that for them. I got to meet a lot of new fans, too. It’s funny because I know half my fans by name now, which is nice! At first, they were just fans, and now they’re becoming friends. It was nice to greet them and not have to ask them their names.Digest How is Jonathan doing out in L.A.?

Hendrickson: He’s enjoying himself, but he does miss his friends back here and the whole vibe in New York. He’s from Ohio, but he acts like he’s from New York; he’s just crazy and fun. I think L.A. gets a little too stuffy for him. He came out to New York for his birthday right after Super Soap. He was here for five days and we went out for his birthday and had a great time. A bunch of people from the show came, too.Digest Let’s talk about what Maggie has been up to. Was taping Leora’s funeral a difficult experience?

Hendrickson: You don’t even know; it was even harder to watch. You experience it for a couple of days, and you have to relive it when you watch it. We watch the show in the hair-and-makeup room while we’re eating lunch, and all of us were sitting there in tears. A lot of people couldn’t watch it.Digest But speaking of stuff that people are eager to watch, Maggie and Bianca will be seeing a lot more of each other.

Hendrickson: Yeah, I know that they will be focusing on Maggie and Bianca in the next couple of weeks. Bianca is going to be going through some hard times and Maggie will be trying to console her, support her. And I also just started working with Carlos; Maggie goes to SOS to see Henry play in his new band and Carlos buys her a drink and they start talking.Digest Maggie is still ticked off at Henry for the whole cheating thing. Do you, as Liz, think what he did is forgivable?

Hendrickson: Yeah! Oh, yeah [laughs]! He cheated — who cares? I don’t think it’s fair that he put her in the position of jeopardizing her future and her goals in life, but he did come forward and do the right thing. She ended up getting an offer to have an internship at the clinic, so at this point, it’s really no harm, no foul. I personally could get over something like that. I’d make him squirm for a while, but I wouldn’t hold such a grudge.