A Q&A with DAYS' Renee Jones Page 2

Weekly: You originally played another role on DAYS. Do you think many fans remember your first stint on the show?

Jones: Maybe one percent of the audience remembers me as Nikki, because it was so long ago. It was only a year in the early ’80s. I remember my voice was so squeaky and high, back then.Weekly: Any memories you can share from your first experience in Salem?

Jones: I remember it fondly, because, at that time, I used to watch Days with my grandmother. When I first came one the show I was like a kid in a candy shop getting to see everybody — Marlena, Maggie, Doug and Julie….I had to keep pinching myself. During those years you had to share dressing rooms with other actors. They put me in a room with Deidre Hall (Marlena). I was like, “Oh, my God!” She was wearing Shalimar perfume. I’ll never forget it, because the whole room smelled like Shalimar. When Deidre left, I went over and smelled her perfume. I was so excited.Weekly: What has been the best part of this job?

Jones: All the people I’ve gotten to work with. Jim Reynolds (Abe) has always been my confidant. If ever I was confused or having a problem, he was the one I went to. He always helped make it easier and explained things. He’s very generous that way. I loved working with Joe Mascolo (ex-Stefano) and Tanya Boyd(Celeste), when Lexie found out they were her parents. I’m so happy Tanya is back. We have a great connection. I don’t want to say mother/daughter, because she’s so young, but we do have a bond. The thing about working on this show is that you don’t get to be friends with people until you’re doing scenes with them. If I had not had that huge storyline with Kristian Alfonso (Hope), who I just adore, I never really would have gotten to know her. I like spice, the variety of working with different people, because you get different things with each person.