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Digest: Chad recently proposed to Whitney. Were you nervous during that scene?
Divins: Yeah, it is acting and not real, but something rings true about getting on your knee. There’s something about that whole thing that makes you nervous as a man.Digest: Who do you hope Chad’s parents are?
Divins: Julian and somebody. It would be cool to be a Crane.Digest: Chad came to Harmony from Hollywood. Now, his music career is sending him back.
Divins: That’s a whole new part of his life, going back to where he came from. Chad is revisiting where he is from, when he bounced around in foster care. Getting to [go back to] the rough life he came from and actually getting to play that, that is exciting.Digest: How does Chad feel about going back?
Divins: Excited and proud because he’s going back somewhere where he had to leave because it was so bad. He’s coming back with something solid and making a new life for himself with a new fiancee. Digest: What is it like to tape fight scenes with Rodney Van Johnson (T.C.)?
Divins: They’re always fun for me. Rodney really, really, really gets into it. It’s one of those things where the testosterone just comes out when you’re in front of Rodney. I have a couple of bruises here and there. Digest: How was taping your first love scene with Brook Kerr (Whitney)?
Divins: Brook is a great woman; it was my first love scene ever. It’s awkward sitting around on a big stage with 30 people, four cameras and directors telling you which way to turn.Digest: What were you wearing under the sheets?
Divins: Boxers, pants … whatever we can keep on, we do.

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