Q&A With... Charles Divins

Soap Opera Digest: What are you doing when you’re not at work?
Charles Divins: Besides sleeping? I bought a mountain bike a few months ago, so when I have free time, I’m out riding, exploring L.A. I’ve only been here eight months. And [I’ve been going to] a lot of barbecues this time of year; every weekend I’ve been doing some crazy barbecuing. I share in the duties of cooking.Digest: What’s your favorite barbecue meal?
Divins: I like hot dogs and stuff. Stuff you would never eat on a normal day … hot dogs and sausages.Digest: Where do you bike?
Divins: Mountains around Santa Monica. There are like 20 dirt trails that connect old Mulholland Drive. Digest: Do you miss Texas?
Divins: Texas is Texas. It was where I was born and raised. I miss New York more than Texas right now. Except I miss my mom, my family and friends in Texas.Digest: What do you miss about New York?
Divins: The energy, the people. Walking out your door and being overcome by people and the city and everything that has to do with it. Digest: How long did you live there?
Divins: Three years.Digest: Chad is a music producer; how into music are you?
Divins: Chad, that’s his job, so he’s pretty into it. I play around on the bass guitar, and I have an iPod and I download music and all that stuff. I listen to it, but I’m not technically advanced enough to create tracks and find singers and that kind of thing. Digest: Do you sing?
Divins: I only sing for myself in the shower, that’s how bad I am.

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