A Q&A With Brian Presley (ex-Jack, PC)

Soap Opera Digest: What do you miss the most about PORT CHARLES?
Brian Presley: The closeness and familial environment. We truly had such a family here with the cast and crew. It was a great experience, and I’m so thankful I was a part of it for as long a time as I was. I made some really great friends.
Digest Are you still in disbelief that it’s over?
Presley: You know, we haven’t been working since before the summer, so we’ve had time to adjust. The cancellation has sunken in, too, but I think we’re all still upset about it. It’s good and bad. I’m going to miss going to the fan events and seeing everybody — that’s sad. PORT CHARLES was a great chapter in our lives … but now it’s time for the next chapter. It’s time to move on. This happens to everybody, no matter what career you’re in — there are beginnings and endings.Digest SOAPnet aired a special, ONE LAST BITE, on Saturday, October 4. Can you talk a little about that?
Presley: Basically, it’s a way for us to say good-bye to the fans and show them how much the show meant to us by picking some of our favorite episodes and just talking about our memories. I think it’s a nice closure, and at least someone is doing that.Digest You’ve been busy co-writing, producing and starring in the film Guarding Eddie. What was it like to make a movie?
Presley: It was awesome. It was such a cool experience. I produced it and played the lead role. I ended up getting Kiko [Ellsworth, PC’s Jamal], so he and I were co-stars. What I’ve seen of it has been great.Digest What’s the premise?
Presley: It’s based on a true story that is just so compelling. It’s about this young guy Eddie, whom I play, who is mentally challenged. He is put on a bus, sent to Los Angeles and dropped off in the middle of downtown. He doesn’t know where to go, so he makes his way to a homeless mission. Kiko’s character, Mike, is an L.A. Clippers basketball player who befriends him.Digest How did Kiko land the role of Mike?
Presley: We actually auditioned other people for Kiko’s role. We saw people from really popular television shows, but all the while, I was thinking that Kiko would be perfect. And we have three years of chemistry together. We knew the actor had to be really good at basketball, which Kiko is, and he had to act. It’s a hard thing to find, but Kiko was amazing; he really pulled it off.Digest Now that the movie’s done, what’s next?
Presley: I’m still finishing post-production. Right now, we’re starting the whole full-court press with trying to get it accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. If it gets accepted, then great. If not, we’ll look for other venues, such as studios or television. We’ve already had some distributors look at it. I think it will come out next spring. I’m already planning our next movie for May. I’m starting to take meetings.Digest Is filmmaking where you’d like to see your career heading?
Presley: Yeah, I think I want to move more in that direction. It’s tough, but I loved producing.Digest Will acting in daytime remain an option?
Presley: I’m weighing all the opportunities. I’m not closing any doors, but ultimately, I’d love to stick in the film arena.

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