Q&A With B&B's Hunter Tylo

Question: How do you feel about aging in Hollywood?
Hunter Tylo: It can be done with grace, and women shouldn’t be ashamed of getting older. I think you get better as you get older.

Question: How do you feel about plastic surgery?
Tylo: The best thing to do is naturally take care of yourself by being healthy. That’s the most important thing you can do. I know people do it [plastic surgery]; it’s part of our business and women have the right to do it if they want to.

Question: Have you done it?
Tylo: I’m not going to answer that! Let me ask you a personal question: What’s your shoe size?! I’m sorry. That was not nice.

Question: Does Lorenzo’s past as a ladies’ man make you nervous?
Tylo: I’m not going to judge him. I can’t. Maybe other woman have judged him, but he knows I don’t. And maybe he knows I’ve been a one-man type of woman my whole marriage, so he’s going ‘Hey, enough of this crazy stuff.’ He knows I’m very centered around my children and I’m not like some crazy….

Question: Why is he the one for you?
Tylo: He’s got the sweetest heart. He’s a gentleman. I’ve never met anyone quite like him. He’s got the greatest sense of humor, as well, and is really good to me.

Question: What was that first kiss like?
Tylo: I crawled across the sofa at him like a kitty. I said, “I’m dying to kiss you,” and was right in his face. He didn’t fight it. Then we broke and looked in each other’s eyes for 20 minutes. We knew something was there all along and were pushing it away for a long time. We both were like, “Why are we doing this game?” You know, how you say things to feel them out and see what they’re thinking?

Question: This pairing brings a lot of kids together!
Tylo: We plan on taking our daughters to do fun things. How fun for them? One big slumber party. They’ll have a ball together. They’re all the same age. We enjoy spending time together and think we can have a lot of fun with our kids and be supportive of each other. We’ve both been through a lot.

Question: What do your kids think of Lorenzo?
Tylo: When we were not verbal about what was happening between the two of us, the Christmas party was at The Grove [in Los Angeles]. The girls were with me, but there were no other kids. My girls were getting bored and started running around the fountain. Next thing I know, Lorenzo has Katy on his shoulders, giving them piggy back rides and doing that kind of stuff. I knew he had daughters, but he was right at home with my girls. We were laughing and having fun. When it was time to go home, it was dark. He walked me and my girls to the car and made sure we got in safely. I was like, “God, he’s a nice guy…. He’s really good with kids.”

Question: Have you and Lorenzo worked out together?

Tylo: We haven’t, I would like to kick box with Lorenzo. We have so much in common. Everything that he likes, I like. I [like race cars] and all that. I learned from an ex-race-car driver, Lyndon Chubbuck. He’s a director and the husband of my acting coach of 15 years. We have plans. We’re going to go race-car driving, motorcycle riding and all that stuff.

Question: Any wedding bells?
Tylo: Oh, my God! What’s important is that you enjoy each day and that you have somebody to support you emotionally and be that special person in your life. We’re both willing to risk our hearts again, and it’s nice. I was at this point where I was getting cynical about relationships and life. I was not going to go out ever again.

Question: What lessons did you learn from your marriage?
Tylo: When you have conflict and whatnot, the more honest you can be and the more you take responsibly for your mistakes, the better. He and I are on the same page on that one. I feel we have an emotionally honest friendship. It’s not all passion. We’re not living in a fantasy world, because we’ve both been through holy hell and we know that.

Weekly: It must be a relief to finally be open about your relationship.
Tylo: Yeah…everybody at the studio was saying, “He’s in her room again. Did you see that?” We were going, “This is ridiculous!” I said, “I’m not going to keep doing that if we’re going to see each other.” All of the people on the show were: “Duh! Like you had us fooled!”