Prime-time Vet Ed Marinaro on His New DAYS Role

Ed Marinaro (BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE, HILL STREET BLUES, SISTERS) makes his daytime debut as DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Leo on Jan. 7. The actor talks about working in daytime after a long career in prime time.Soap Opera Weekly: How did the role of Leo come up?

Ed Marinaro: My agent called and said I had an offer to do it. It was the last thing I expected. I thought about it, and there was absolutely no downside to doing it. I haven’t really talked to anybody about it, so I’m just guessing, but I think all those folks from DAYS were following Darin Brooks (ex-Max) on BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE, and when the role of Leo came around, they said, “Hey, what about Ed Marinaro?”

Weekly: How is Darin Brooks?

Marinaro: He’s great. Darin’s a very talented guy, hard-working and focused on what he’s doing.

Weekly: What was your perception of working on a soap before joining DAYS?

Marinaro: Many years ago — I might have been in high school — I was home sick for several days, and I remember watching GENERAL HOSPITAL. In the few days that I watched, I kind of got hooked. They’ve been a staple in our culture forever.

Weekly: Did you know anyone at DAYS before starting on the show?

Marinaro: Kristian Alfonso (Hope) is an old friend of mine. I met her doing charity events. It was nice to say hello to her again.

Weekly: lists EDGE OF NIGHT as one of your credits. Were you ever on EDGE?

Marinaro: That has been in my bio for about 20 years. I don’t know how it got in there. I was never on EDGE OF NIGHT. DAYS is the first soap opera I’ve been on. If I did appear on EDGE, they didn’t pay me!

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