Pier Pressure

Digest tagged along with Kyle Lowder (Rick) and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Jackie) to a location shoot on the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA. The lighthearted scenes led up to Rick popping the question to Steffy.AIR APPARENT

“It’s always nice to get out of the studio and into the open,” smiled Lowder. “I haven’t been to the Santa Monica Pier in maybe 9 years, so it was nice to come back and see what you can actually do here.”WHEEL FUN

“We basically got to take advantage of the whole Santa Monica Pier,” enthused MacInnes Wood. “I’ve haven’t been on a Ferris wheel for so long in my life. We went around over 10 times. There was such an amazing view.”ON EDGE

“I was a competitive street hockey player in high school, but I haven’t been on wheels in 10 years,” admitted Lowder. “So I broke out my blades yesterday and practiced, but I’m used to having a hockey stick. I picked it right up so I felt completely at home on them again.”WHAT THE FLOCK?

A B&B tech threw bread crumbs onto the pier to attract pigeons. “The birds actually scared me,” cringed MacInnes Wood. “I scratched Kyle’s back to death. The birds were in my way and when they flew up, I would jump and scratch Kyle.”HIT MAN

To keep the shooting schedule rolling along smoothly, this he-man game was set on extra-easy mode so the hammer didn’t have to be swung with much force. “I feel so unfulfilled,” cracked Lowder.FLIP OUT

“We had compete control of this ride,” squealed MacInnes Wood. “We could flip around as much as we wanted. It was like being kids again!”TRAFFIC JAMS

“I’ve been on bumper cars a long time ago so we had fun messing around,” grinned Lowder. “We’ve been laughing all day.”ON THE MOVE

The actors challenged each other to a dance off. “I love dancing,” noted MacInnes Wood. “I break dance and do the pop and lock, but this was ‘Oh, my God!’ Kyle had it down but I psyched myself out.” Continued Lowder, “I didn’t do that bad. It took a little bit of work at first but once you start grooving to the beat, the moves make sense so I just kind of fell into it. I got a perfect score the second time!”ENGAGING SCENE

The moment when Rick proposed was shot under the pier. “There was a beautiful glow from the setting sun but it was the end of the day,” MacInnes Wood revealed. “It was cold, there were people running by and birds were attacking. But I think it still turned out to be a beautiful moment.”

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