Peter Reckell Is Prepared For a Real-Life Disaster

The devastating earthquake in Japan was an uneasy reminder to people living in California about the importance of being prepared in the event of a natural disaster. DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Peter Reckell (Bo) is fully aware that an earthquake could hit at any moment, and he’s ready for it. Reckell, who has a wife, Kelly, and a 3-year-old daughter, Loden, shares, “I can live in my house for three weeks without having to go to the grocery store or get water. I’m prepared to have a natural disaster in my town and be fine.”

Reckell and his family live in specially designed, fuel efficient, green-friendly house. He points out, “With global warming, the things that are happening to this Earth, such as hurricanes and tornados, the weather patterns are becoming more severe.”

Though nature can sometimes be brutal, it can also be profoundly beautiful, a fact that Reckell recognizes — and is passing down to his daughter. “When she was a baby, I took her outside when it was kind of sprinkling, because our doctor recommended it,” he recounts. “She got a gust of wind and rain in her face. Lodan must have been six months old, and she laughed. I thought, ‘That’s my girl!’ This past week we were travelling, and it was raining out and she said, ‘Daddy, let’s put on our boots and go splash in the puddles!’ So she’s following in my footsteps.”

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