During a Twitter chat last night, Peter Reckell, who last aired as DAYS's Bo in October, 2012, revealed that he and wife Kelly Moneymaker had relocated to Nashville with daughter, Loden, 6. "The reason I haven't tweeted much recently is because we have moved," he reported. "We didn't want to raise our daughter in wacky LA. So we have moved east." He also addressed Bo's long absence from the Salem canvas. "Going back to Days, I don't think that will ever happen as a long term commitment," Reckell wrote. "Going back to close out Bo's story in a respectful way??? I would do that for you. You deserve better then what they have done to Bo. You have been very faithful and dedicated for years, decades! Not sure what kind of story line could happen, I haven't watched the show. You would have better ideas. Time to contact the show." In the end, he thanked his loyal followers. "Thanks for your support and love through all the years. I'll be acting again at some point so this isn't goodbye its see you later! My Best." Follow the actor @peterreckell.