People Watching With Jesse Soffer

Jesse Soffer (Will, AS THE WORLD TURNS) made a quick trip with co-star Jennifer Landon (Gwen) to present at THE 32ND ANNUAL PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS in Los Angeles on Jan. 10.

“It was a lot of fun,” he smiles. “We told the viewers that they could still vote for their favorite TV show online, then there was a little plug for AS THE WORLD TURNS. We presented right after Harrison Ford. We were standing on stage and it was like, ‘Han Solo!’ It was pretty cool. And Jessica Simpson was there. She was pretty hot. She did a little number that caught my attention. I was glad I brought my glasses.”

Soffer admits he was nervous beforehand. “The show started and it was live,” he recalls. “I was thinking, ‘Oh, my God, in an hour I am going to be up on that stage. That’s crazy!’ But, once we got up there I was completely fine. I even did a little nose scratch for some folks who asked me to do it.”

While in L.A., Soffer also caught up with former cast mate Peyton List (ex-Lucy). “She’s doing good,” he reports. “We hung out with Jen’s family, too. Her brother is really funny.”

The flight out wasn’t as fun. “Jen was learning a song that she is going to be singing on the show, so she was singing the whole time, and I got really annoyed,” huffs Soffer. “I told her, ‘I swear to God I will start a fight if you don’t shut up.’ ”

Soffer adds that he and Landon are often recognized for the show when they are together…and even when they are not. “I was in Miami recently and I got it every day,” he marvels. “One bouncer — a big guy — recognized me and said, ‘Don’t you tell anyone I watch it!’ I was like, ‘Okay, you got it!’ “

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