Paul Satterfield: Smooth Operator

Soap Opera Weekly: How have fans reacted to Spencer’s evil deeds these days?
Paul Satterfield: People think it’s great. They love it. They love the story. They think I’m doing a great job and they love the character.

Weekly: But he’s creepy! And Ginger died when he was operating on her.
Satterfield: From his point of view, he wants to be the best surgeon you’ve ever known. Some bits of saving grace for Spencer were when you saw that he did have some kind of soft spot for Ginger — whether there was a previous connection with her or if she just reminded him of himself when he was young. Or just “poor kid.”

Weekly: Could Blair bring out more softness in Spencer?
Satterfield: That’s truly his weak spot at this point, if he has one. I’m not sure exactly why. I suppose we’ve all been in that place where you’ve been in love and there is nothing you wouldn’t do for somebody. I think she definitely has that power over him, but we’ll see…. If she finds out that she’s been taken for a ride, I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with her.

Weekly: Paige seems nice, and we have to hope she wouldn’t marry him if he was so awful.
Satterfield: Which leads you to wonder what kind of person Paige was in those days. There was a scene, back when Kimberlin Brown was still playing Paige, where Spencer says to her, ‘You know, these things really used to never bother you that much.’

Weekly: How fun was it working with Tari Signor (Margaret)?
Satterfield: She and I just bounced off each other and, after we finished shooting our scenes, the camera guys were looking at us, saying, “You guys are both completely out of your mind” (laughs). I think it was a successful meeting. Those were some of my favorite scenes since I’ve been here, to be honest. She’s brilliant. I love her.

Weekly: Could we see more Spencer/Margaret scenes soon? Is she still alive? Spill!
Satterfield: I’m definitely hoping so. I’ve stopped asking for information from Frank [Valentini, executive producer] for two reasons: I don’t necessarily want to know myself, because I’ll start playing it [a certain way]; and I don’t want other people thinking that I know anything. If they start asking me what’s going on, if they think you know, it kind of disrupts the camaraderie a little bit.

Weekly: Come on: Did he kill her?
Satterfield: Spencer could find a much better way to dispatch of her if he really wanted to, without anybody finding out about it. So I don’t think he did it. Then again, we don’t know anything about this guy, and I play him as creepy as I can. People are really starting to think, “Oh, man, this guy’s terrible!” Including myself!

Weekly: Is he that terrible?
Satterfield: I would hate to think that Spencer is truly so bad. Thus far he hasn’t killed anybody — that we know of.

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