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5. Julian’s pro-wrestling match
On the run and flat broke, a desperate Timmy and Julian join the pro-wrestling circuit to make some quick cash. With Tim”Don King” Tim as his coach and manager, Julian hit the ropes as the”Masked CEO,” only to get worked over by — who else? — a female competitor.

4. Tabitha throwing Timmy into the washer/dryer
Losing patience with her doll for getting dirty, Tabitha threw Timmy into the washer and dryer for a good soak and spin. Sadistic witch that she was, she certainly didn’t put him on the gentle cycle. The capper was a public service announcement in the corner of the screen, in which Tabitha, facing the camera, warned kids not to try this at home.
3. Boozebournes spoof
In an inspired, timely sequence, Ben Masters, Andrea Evans and Liza Huber (Julian, Rebecca and Gwen) suited up as Osbourne spoofs Boozy, Karen and Shelly — all part of Theresa’s nightmare in which the Boozebournes stole Little Ethan and raised him to be one of their own.

2. Sheridan’s friendship with Princess Diana
When viewers first met Sheridan, she was living in Paris and mourning the loss of Princess Diana — her good friend! But Sheridan was experiencing more than grief — she was overcome with guilt, because it was revealed that she was the one Diana and Dodi Fayed were on their way to visit when they had their fatal car accident. As if things couldn’t get any loopier, history practically repeated itself when Sheridan was stalked and chased by paparazzi into the same tunnel, and crashed her car at the same spot as Diana and Dodi. At the hospital, Sheridan had an out-of-body experience in which”Diana” spoke to her and told her she must return to the living.1. Theresa, Gwen, Ethan, breaking out into song (singing the PASSIONS theme song)
In a case where one LOL moment preempts an even bigger LOL moment, Gwen, Ethan and Theresa break into song (and their portrayers break the fourth wall) as they sing and dance to the Passions theme song, Breathe, right after Theresa stabs Ethan and Gwen in a fit of “psychotic preeclampsia.” Breathe in, breathe out, indeed!

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