PASSIONS's Bride To Be

Soap Opera Digest Did you have an idea Alex was going to propose when he did?
Liza Huber: I am a very hard person to surprise, and he really surprised me. It was on June 21, which was a Saturday, at midnight. My parents [Susan Lucci, Erica, ALL MY CHILDREN, and Helmet Huber] were in town doing some work. [Alex] asked my dad’s permission, and then my father told my mother. So, the whole day and all through dinner, my parents knew that we were going to get engaged that night. They kept it a secret, especially my mom, did not let on at all. Who would have thought midnight on a Saturday night?Digest How did he do it?
Huber: We got back to Alex’s apartment at around 11:30 at night and we were quickly getting changed to meet some friends out, who of course knew that we were getting engaged because Alex had told them. When I was ready, I wound up giving him the perfect lead-in because I was looking the mirror and I said to him, “Honey, my accessories are off, aren’t they?” And he said, “Let me get a look at you. You’re right, something isn’t quite right here. I know exactly what you need.” And then he got down on one knee and he called our dog Charlie over. So, Alex was down on his knee and Charlie was sitting with his paw up on Alex’s knee and he proposed. I was so beside myself and so excited.Digest What did you do to celebrate?
Huber: After all of my tears of joy, I had to fix my makeup, and we finally got out to meet our friends who were waiting for us, and we drank champagne until 4 in the morning, which was really great.Digest Were your parents still in town the next day?
Huber: Yes. My father brought me 13 long-stem red roses, which is an Austrian tradition to give the bride; it was so sweet. We went out to dinner, the four of us. We’re all just so happy. Alex is such a wonderful man and a very good match.Digest How did you and Alex meet?
Huber: Alex and I have known each other since the first grade. We went to school together all through grammar school and through some of middle school, and then he went to a different high school, but we remained friendly acquaintances. The last time I saw him was at my sweet 16 party. Then, about a year ago, we ran into each other [in N.Y.C.] listening to a friend’s band play and we’ve really been inseparable ever since. It just goes to show there’s someone up above maneuvering us around the way we’re supposed to be.Digest So, fate brought you together that night.
Huber: Actually, the night that Alex and I ran into each other was the night of the [Daytime] Emmys two years ago, and I have never in my whole life not watched because of my mother. But that year, something inside of me said, “Just go out with your girlfriends and listen to Brett’s band.” So, I didn’t watch [the Emmys], and had I stayed home and watched, we never would’ve run into each other. It’s just weird — you have to think there’s a higher power moving us around.Digest You plan on getting married in winter 2004. Will it be a big wedding?
Huber: I said to my parents and Alex’s parents, numbers aren’t important. It can be 50 people, it can be 300 people, as long as the people invited are important to us and we’re important to them.

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