PASSIONS's 10 Most Memorable Quotes

“I was [working] at Ralph’s supermarket when they changed over from paper to plastic. Back then, people were very suspicious of plastic.”
Justin Carroll (David), 9/25/01″I did this commercial for a Dutch cookie where I was jumping on a trampoline completely naked with a girl … you can only imagine what I looked like.”
Galen Gering (Luis), 2/29/00

“There would be all these glamorous, beautiful people having such a jolly good time. Noel Coward, Vivien [Leigh], Laurence [Olivier], Rex Harrison, Tyrone Power, Lauren Bacall … they’d just be in and out of the house, and it seemed normal, so I didn’t hang on their every word. Now, of course, I think back and wish I had a tape recorder going!”
Juliet Mills (Tabitha) on her famous family friends, 5/23/00″Kelli [McCarty, Beth] and I were kidding around, and she was taking pictures of Mrs. Wallace doing yoga poses. I was teasing her that it was going to be our calendar, The Wallaces: 2003.”
Kathleen Noone (Edna), 12/24/02“There’s me who acts on the show, and then there’s me who watches it like any other rabid fan…. When Luis takes off his shirt, I scream right along with the rest of the fans.”
Tracey Ross (Eve), 1/25/00″I was on MELROSE PLACE as Matt’s lover’s wife, and I think it was probably my worst acting ever because I got killed and … I don’t know if I had too much coffee or what, but I couldn’t keep my eyes from fluttering when they did the close-up of me dead on the floor.”
Dana Sparks (Grace), 11/16/99″I’ve been waiting … for some female casting director to take her top off and throw me on the couch. It never happens.”
Ben Masters (Julian), 2/1/00″Lindsay [Korman, Theresa] and I think Theresa and Gwen should band together and tell Ethan to beat it!”
Liza Huber (Gwen), 4/8/03“Maybe they’ll bring in a twin character one day, and then I can walk around in a towel.”
Eva Tamargo Lemus (Pilar) on her character’s conservative wardrobe, 9/12/00″It was normal for me to go into the garage and see all the body parts and severed heads around.”
McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) on objects her Oscar- and Emmy-winning makeup artist father, Michael, had around the house, 2/26/02

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