PASSIONS 20 Questions

1. Which cast member graduated from the University of Miami with honors?
a) Cathy Jeneén Doe (Simone)
b) Heidi Mueller (Kay)
c) Eva Tamargo (Pilar)
d) Galen Gering (Luis)

2. Who has a son named Cooper?
a) James Hyde (Sam)
b) Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy)
c) Rodney Van Johnson (T.C.)
d) Andrea Evans (Rebecca)

3. Who was the first cast member to welcome their firstborn after the debut of the show?
a) Justin (Fox) and Lindsay Hartley (Theresa)
b) Rodney Van Johnson
c) Dalton James (ex-Hank)
d) Tracey Ross (Eve)

4. What year was Kelli McCarty crowned Miss USA?
a) 1989
b) 1990
c) 1991
d) 1992

5. Which co-star has a Golden Retriever named Charlie?
a) Liza Huber (Gwen)
b) Richard Steinmetz (Martin)
c) Silvana Arias (Paloma)
d) Charles Divins (Chad)

6. Which original cast member lives part-time on a houseboat?
a) Juliet Mills (Tabitha)
b) Ben Masters (Julian)
c) Galen Gering
d) Rodney Van Johnson

7. Who temporarily home-schooled her son?
a) Kim Johnston Ulrich
b) Dana Sparks (ex-Grace)
c) Tracey Ross
d) Kathleen Noone (Edna)

8. Which star performed at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas at the age of 17?
a) Cathy Jeneén Doe
b) McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan)
c) Lindsay Hartley
d) Brook Kerr (Whitney)

9. Which hunk grew up in Dallas, TX?
a) Justin Hartley
b) Charles Divins
c) Eric Martsolf (Ethan)
d) James Hyde

10. Who has been onstage with Dolly Parton?
a) John Reilly (Alistair)
b) Leigh Taylor-Young (Katherine)
c) Eric Martsolf
d) Ben Masters

11. Which lady toured with the show Cats and studied dance under choreographer Patrick Swayze‘s mother, Patsy?
a) Amelia Marshall (Liz)
b) Emily Harper (Fancy)
c) Andrea Evans (Rebecca)
d) Kelli McCarty

12. Whose father was a Brooklyn Dodger?
a) James Hyde
b) Kathleen Noone
c) Heidi Mueller
d) Eva Tamargo

13. Who is the voice of the Search for Serenity audio meditations for The Course in Miracles?
a) Andrea Evans
b) Tracey Ross
c) Juliet Mills
d) Leigh Taylor-Young

14. Who dyed her hair for her role on PASSIONS?
a) Silvana Arias
b) Danica Stewart (Jessica)
c) Lindsay Hartley
d) Liza Huber

15. Which star did not grow up in Illinois?
a) Richard Steinmetz
b) John Reilly
c) Justin Hartley
d) Heidi Mueller

16. Who was born on Christmas Eve?
a) James Hyde‘s son
b) Kim Johnston Ulrich‘s daughter
c) Eva Tamargo
d) Juliet Mills

17. Whose family has a building named after them at Universal Studios theme park in Hollywood?
a) Dylan Fergus (“Ned”/Noah)
b) Juliet Mills
c) McKenzie Westmore
d) Liza Huber

18. Which cast member did not appear on BEVERLY HILLS, 90210?
a) John Reilly
b) Juliet Mills
c) McKenzie Westmore
d) Andrea Evans

19. Who is the mother of twins?
a) Eva Tamargo
b) Daphnee Duplaix Samuel (Valerie)
c) Brook Kerr
d) Amelia Marshall

20. Who shares a birthday?
a) Brook Kerr and Juliet Mills
b) Justin Hartley and Eric Martsolf
c) Charles Divins and Rodney Van Johnson
d) Danica Stewart and John Reilly


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