Parting Words

Soap Opera Weekly: I’m sorry about the fate of the show.
Jon Robert Lindstrom: Hey, that’s show biz. Mounting a show costs a lot of money. I can only applaud those at ABC for waiting as long as they did and doing everything they could to keep the show on the air and find a financially viable way to do it. People want to say it doesn’t happen in soap operas. Of course it does. In the end every show closes or they close you out of the show. One of the two is going to happen eventually.Weekly: What will you miss most about working on PC?
Lindstrom: The people that I’ve come to love so much. I know that most of us will not cross paths again, and that again is just the nature of the business. You end up working very closely and intensely with people who initially you don’t know at all and you’re thrown into a situation like that. Then you get to know them very, very well. You’ll move on and you’ll find yourself in that situation with other people, but rarely again with the same people. A few of us will, but most of us won’t.Weekly: Which cast members do you think you’ll stay in touch with?
Lindstrom: Well certainly, Lynn (Herring, Lucy). Lynn and I have a professional friendship that goes back a decade now, so we’ll certainly be in touch. Some other people…Kelly Monaco, Michael Easton (Livvie and Caleb). I’m still very close friends with Julie Pinson (ex-Eve Thornhart). We’ll see. I think the business will dictate that more than anything. If any of these folks tend to go to another soap, I’ll probably see them sooner or later. If nothing else I’ll be directing them.Weekly: Would you like to focus more on acting or directing now?
Lindstrom: I’ve always wanted to be able to keep my options open for both. There’s not one that I want to do more than the other. I enjoy them equally and any situation that I put myself into would have to include both.Weekly: Are you going to explore opportunities outside of soaps as well?
Lindstrom: Oh, sure. I got into this business to be an actor and to let the roles be the guide.

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