Pam And Donna Pay The PRICE!

On June 17 and 18, Donna and Pamela get involved with the long-running game show PRICE IS RIGHT. Here’s the set-up: “It’s actually quite funny,” chuckles Pam’s portrayer Alley Mills, who plays your guide for us. “Pam has been a fan of PRICE IS RIGHT her whole life and poor Forrester Creations needs to go to the people. They’ve gotten a little too elitist. So Pam is watching her show at her desk, which she isn’t supposed to be doing. She then puts two and two together and comes up with an idea that Forrester dresses could be on PRICE IS RIGHT. Now she just has to talk to the producers to convince them. Donna finds out and insists on coming with her.” Thus begins the caper in which Host Drew Carey appeared as himself. In reality, the PRICE IS RIGHT studio is right next door to B&B. But for the story, there’s a fictional distance between the game show and Forrester Creations. “Donna [Jennifer Garies, l.] drives them over to the studio and makes Pam late for her appointment. Pam is really upset with her. Pam and Donna are so Lucy and Ethel [on I LOVE LUCY].”“They can’t get into PRICE IS RIGHT so Pam gets this great idea to become part of the audience and get the chance to be a contestant. Donna is being a pill. She’s complaining about standing in line. Pam will do anything to get in and talk to Drew Carey about Forrester.”“We were right on the PRICE IS RIGHT set. We taped this after they were done with their second show of the day. The studio audience stayed behind for B&B to do our stuff. Their enthusiasm and energy was wonderful. Most of them watch B&B anyway so they were really excited about being on our show too.” “Pam and Donna get into the audience and Pam is in seventh heaven. I had these two friends of mine who are in their early 70s and they love PRICE IS RIGHT, so I invited them to sit in front of me. It was really cute.”“Donna is embarrassed and bored. The worst thing happens when they pick her to be a contestant. In a nanosecond she’s excited all over Drew Carey. Pam is sitting in the audience and is just devastated. Jennifer accidentally hit someone when she got out of her seat. I yelled, ‘Get a medic!'”“Pam is mad because every challenge they throw at Donna, like the price of a stove and baking set, is stuff Pam already knows so she could’ve cleaned up big time.”“Jennifer was having such a good time playing with all the PRICE IS RIGHT props. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spin ‘the big wheel’?!”“Donna is really excited about being on PRICE IS RIGHT but Pam is clearly upset that she didn’t get picked.”“Pam thinks that Drew Carey is sexy but I think he is, too! I married a stand-up comic [Orson Bean] so I love them. The weird thing is, that I’m actually saying it. Drew’s got these beautiful eyes and you can tell he’s complicated. I think he’s a hottie. He’s got a lot going on.”

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