Opinionator Carolyn Hinsey Wrote a Book! Should We Be Afraid?

Now that I've written a book, I feel like Erica Kane trying to stay married. It's hard! Most difficult for me was explaining why soaps matter. I mean, how do people not know that? Most interesting was researching their history. Did you know there were 70 soaps on the radio in the 1940s? I didn't. Most fun was calling up old pals like Thorsten Kaye, Michelle Stafford and Rena Sofer to pick their brains about what's cool about working on a soap, and of course, why they matter. Their answers may surprise you. I confess, there were a few times while I was churning out 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 words that I thought I might not get it all done. But then I watched GH and realized, "If Diane and Spinelli can write a book in between keeping Sonny out of jail and hacking into hospital records, then surely I can do it while watching soaps operas." Et, voila. Thanks to ABC for giving me the rights to Luke and Laura's wedding photo for the cover. Considering that 30 million people watched that wedding in 1981 (about twice the number that watched the World Series last year), it was clearly the high point of Daytime TV. Actually, there were lots of high points — and a few low points — and they're all chronicled in the book. Buy one for your evil twin today. Ha!

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