One on One With Lauren Koslow

Weekly: John and Marlena fans seemed to have labeled Kate “the other woman.” What are your thoughts on that?
Koslow: It’s interesting, because John and Kate truly believe their respective spouses are dead, but Roman and Marlena know “we” are alive. John and Kate [are reaching out to each other] out of innocence and still holding a torch, even though there is a definite attraction between them. They’re doing as much as they can to honor [their spouses]. But I can’t believe Marlena and Roman! And I’m laughing when I’m saying this. I don’t see John and Kate being the other man or the other woman. As far as they know, they’re both single people. They’re widows. I think they’re innocent.

Weekly: So you definitely don’t see Kate as this wanton woman.
Koslow: Kate isn’t after John. She hasn’t [put any moves on him] at all, when she definitely could have. She has been restrained. She’s had the opportunity, but hasn’t taken it. I don’t know if that will change, but she hasn’t so far. There must be something about John that brings another side out in her. He’s such a good guy.

Weekly: What does John bring out in Kate?
Koslow: Her goodness. Even though Kate may be manipulative or devious encouraging her children [to do the wrong thing], with this man she’s not. It’s a very sincere thing. She wants to help John and cares for him. She’s definitely attracted to him, but she’s honoring his commitment [to Marlena] and her commitment [to Roman]. All of that.

Weekly: What’s it been like working with Drake Hogestyn (John)? Have you had any funny moments?
Koslow: They are ALL funny moments. Drake amuses me. His stories are fun. We work in a similar way. We like to work out a scene. We’ll [rehearse] a scene on stage and then come running into my dressing room to watch it on my TV set. We see what else we can do to make it better. Drake is into making our scenes as good as we can.

Weekly: It sounds like you’re enjoying this storyline.
Koslow: I like it a lot. I like the relationship between John and Kate. You have to remember that they have a background; they do work together. Sometimes Drake reminds me that it goes back even further than that. Before I played the part, Kate and John had a relationship. Not romantically, but they were friends. He helped her with her business. There’s a lot of history between them that I didn’t know. Drake remembers it all. When we first started working together, I was like, “Oh!”

The thing that I always go back to is when Kate was absolutely down and out, when Victor threw her out and she was living out of her car and had nothing, the only one who was there for her was John. He gave her a job. He got her started all over again. Also significant is that after Roman and Marlena were both gone and John and Kate started getting closer, Kate outright told him all about her past. All the stuff she kept secret from Roman and everyone else. She told him and he just accepted it. That was the first time she had been accepted, unconditionally. That Kate felt comfortable enough to tell John was interesting.