ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Cristian Vega: Great Boyfriend, or Codependent?

Cristian Vega is always around to help a damsel in distress. But playing the hero sometimes backfires when he finds out he’s been duped. (Hello, Vanessa!) Remember these other attempts at love?

1999: When his high school sweetheart Jessica had a one-night stand with Will Rappaport and got pregnant, Cristian proposed to Jessica and the two planned to marry and raise Jessica’s child together. Sadly, an accident caused Jessica to lose the baby and, eventually, her love for Cristian.

2000: Because Roseanne posed for Cristian, who is a painter, he reciprocated by marrying her. Okay, it wasn’t that simple. They got together while Cris was in art school and after Jessica’s accident (see above), which erased Jess’ memory of Cris. Roseanne asked Will for money to pay Cris’ tuition, then joined forces with Will to keep Jessica and Cris apart. Eventually, Cris and Roseanne had their marriage annulled, and he got engaged to Jessica. Their relationship fizzled, though, when he lied to Jess about a letter from Will.
2001: When Jen Rappaport was under suspicion for her uncle Colin’s murder, she and Cris began to fall in love. Jen’s mother, Lindsay, did not approve of the pairing, and tried to split them up, but was unsuccessful. Cristian eventually broke up with Jen to keep her safe while he was undercover, trying to bring RJ down. After a brief reconciliation, they parted ways for good.

2003: Cristian fell in love with Natalie, Viki and Clint’s newly discovered daughter, when everyone thought she was responsible for stepfather Ben’s fall out of a window. (It was Viki’s alter Niki who did it, and made Natalie look guilty.) Cristian stood by Natalie’s side when no one else would, and the two eventually married. However, their happiness was short-lived when Cristian “died.”

2006-’07: Evangeline Williamson saved Cristian (Surprise, he wasn’t dead!) from a prison sentence when she got his conviction overturned (he had been brainwashed) and the two became friends. When Evangeline was blinded during a tornado, Cris stepped in to help her and they fell in love. As Cristian and Evangeline tried to work out the problems that interrupted their relationship (Todd!), a gas attack on Cris’ apartment by a white supremacist group left Evangeline in a permanent coma.

2007: Cristian had a brief fling with Blair when he thought Evangeline had slept with Todd.

2007: Cristian and Rex were helping Blair locate Todd when they came across Cord and Tina’s daughter, Sarah, in Chicago. Sarah’s boyfriend, Hunter, was hired by Miles Laurence to abduct Todd. Sarah helped the trio to track down Todd, and Rex and Cristian were there to protect her. Cristian allowed Sarah to temporarily become his roommate in his loft, and the two became a couple. However, the arrival of Vanessa ended their romance.
2008: Cristian felt compelled to assist Vanessa after she had helped him to escape from prison in Colombia. So, despite the fact that he was in a committed relationship with Sarah, he married Vanessa to keep her from being deported. He ended up falling for the sexy Latina, but then it was revealed she had lied to him. In 2009, she was sent back to Colombia and the marriage was annulled.

2009: Currently, Layla thinks Cristian is a womanizing jerk and has no trouble telling him so. She does not need for him to save her, so perhaps true love could develop for them. Stay tuned.

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