ONE LIFE Fan Lovefest

On Aug. 21 the ONE LIFE TO LIVE cast and the show’s fans gathered at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City for the annual fan club lunch. The event was one of the liveliest ever, thanks to hilarious emcee Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) and some very spirited fans. Here are some excerpts from the afternoon:

Hickland on Nathaniel Marston and Kathy Brier (Michael and Marcie) not being there to collect their award for Outstanding Couple: I think it’s mysterious that they’re both not here, don’t you? (Marston showed up shortly after and explained that Brier was sick.)

Eddie Alderson (Matthew) picking up his award for Outstanding Younger Actor: You guys are the best. We really couldn’t do it without you.
Hickland: I just had a flash of him getting an Academy Award when I’m in the Old People’s Motion Picture rest home.

Dan Gauthier (Kevin) picking up the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor (he tied with Kamar de los Reyes, Antonio), stands in front of Bree Williamson (Jessica): Kamar’s not here? I’ll be Kamar (start unbuttoning his shirt). I don’t know what to say? Bree Williamson just grabbed my butt. This is the first award I’ve gotten as an actor, so thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Hickland announcing Matthew Ashford’s win as Outstanding Villain: Dr. Haver. He’s Jack again and he’s making out with Jen so he can’t be here. We’re going to make sure we get this to him and he’s going to be so thrilled. He loved working with us so much, at least he said he did, and I believed him.
Kassie DePaiva (Blair) referring to Trevor St. John (Todd) when accepting the award for Outstanding Lead Actress: It’s only because I get to wear the best clothes and work with the best people. My honey brings out the worst of me and the best of me.

Fan about Matt Metzger (Duke): I met Matthew in D.C. and he’s such a hottie I just want to go up there and hug him.
Hickland: You know what’s scary, when she said she wanted to give Matthew a hug, I thought she was talking about Eddie Alderson. Okay Mary Kay Letourneau…

Fan to John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex): Is Rex single and can I get a hug?
Lavoisier: My girlfriend’s sitting right there and she has a gun. So you’d have to ask her first.

Hickland when asked how she feels about the Rex/Lindsay romance: He has a beautiful girlfriend and I have a beautiful husband. (Lavoisier nods.) You think so, too? You are very sure of your masculinity to be able to say that. The first time we had to kiss each other on-camera, we had to do five episodes slamming against the wall and I remember thinking this poor boy. Really, I had the better end of the stick, I’m sure.
Gauthier: Literally and figuratively.
Hickland: The short answer is, it’s pretty great because I sure wouldn’t do it in real life. How is it for you?
Lavoisier: I would do it in real life.

Robin Strasser: I think there’s going to be some shaking up (with David). I, like Catherine, have been having a wonderful time in my job.

Fan to Hickland: I heard you were on recurring contract. are you leaving the show?
Hickland: Gosh, I had a contract yesterday when I left work. I am still under contract. Rest assured, you’ll know before I do. I always look to the Internet for the information. I don’t know if I’m leaving the show. As far as I know, the answer to that today would be no. If I do, all I ask is that there is much gnashing of teeth and crying bitterly on your part.

Fan to Jay Wilkison (Riley): Every day you’re on-screen I’m becoming a bigger and bigger Riley and Jen fan. (About the stripping) I have to say my friends and I were sitting in the hotel room going crazy. I didn’t know you could move like that. Very impressive.
Many fans: Take it off!
Wilkison: Someone asked earlier if I would do a strip thing today, and last night we had a really great fund-raiser. I did say that with thousands of dollars donation I would do it. Thousands of dollars!
Fan: I want to see more of you.

Wilkison: As of Monday I don’t think there’s much more to see. Because of you guys I think the Riley and Jen thing is going really well. We both love the story and have a great time doing it. And the more response they get the more Riley and Jen you’re going to see.
Fan: When are they going to get beyond the teasing?
Wilkison: The teasing? Oh, the getting messy part. I hope very soon. Because that’s a great day of work. It took forever to actually kiss and now we just kiss all the time. We’ll see because Riley hasn’t had any…he’s got to get busy.

Gauthier on when Kevin will find out Paul stole Ace from Pine Valley’s Babe: They’ll probably drag it out another six months. I truly don’t know. Kevin will be in the dark and stupid is, as he always is.

Fan to Nathaniel Marston: I want that backpack hug. I came all the way from South Carolina. Sixteen hours on a friggin’ bus. I’m going to be Marcie Walsh.

Melissa Archer (Natalie) about David Fumero‘s (Cristian) return: I just found out the other day, from fans. Apparently it had been released on a Web site. I’m excited that’s really cool news. I don’t know if he’s back long-term, short-term.
Hickland: He’s coming back as Al.
Archer: Is he coming back with one less finger? They did DNA on it.

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