OLTL Stripped

Sure the guys of ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Love Crew have agreed to strip to raise money for the community center, but they're in for a surprise this week when they learn that the audience is expecting full nudity.

"They weren't supposed to do the full monty, but on the day where they're supposed to do their strip show, the girls are a little crazier than we expected them to be," chuckles Kathy Brier in character as Marcie. "So Marcie, Roxy Jen and Julie realize that's what the girls are expecting, so we drop the bomb on [the boys] at the last minute that they have to do the full monty."

Brier insists that her co-stars were professional during the filming of the risque scenes. "The boys were great," she assures. "They were troupers. The fun thing about that is that you usually get the women having to do that kind of stuff on soap operas. So it was fun to see the reversal and have the guys do it. No one wants to do it. We tried to remain as supportive as possible."

Check out the guys' stuff this week on OLTL.

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