OLTL Recaps Week of Oct. 24, 2005

Friday, October 28, 2005
OLTL was pre-empted today by breaking news of the indictment of Lewis “Scooter” Libby. Recaps will resume on Monday.
Thursday, October 27, 2005
Medics rolled Tess into the hospital as she screamed hysterically at everyone, even calling an innocent nurse a “bitch.” She pleaded with Nash to help her, but he stood by helpless. Tess told Viki, “You know why this is happening. Tell them to stop, mother.” After they rolled Jessica into a room, Viki confronted Bo about keeping Jessica’s condition from her own mother. Bo admitted he should’ve told Viki sooner. Clint lashed out at Antonio and Nash, so Viki sent them home so she could fill in Clint on the details of Jessica’s illness. Clint wondered to Viki what it could be in Jessica’s past that caused her to split. They both swore to each other that they had no idea what could’ve caused it.

Nash and Antonio ran into each other outside the hospital and argued over Jessica/Tess. Antonio lashed out at Nash saying that he’s trying to take Jessica away from her family when she needs help for a severe illness. Nash argued back that Tess is a real person who should be allowed the free will to leave town with him if she so chooses. Kevin overheard them arguing and asked Nash, “Who the hell are you, and what do you know about Jessica?” Antonio explained to Kevin how Jessica has DID.

Dr. Jamison visited Tess in a hospital bed and tried to reassure her that she was safe. Tess wasn’t interested in anything he had to say. “You can take your beside manner and your integration fantasies,” she told the doctor, “and you can shove them somewhere in this God forsaken town where the sun doesn’t shine.” The doctor asked what he could do to make her less angry, and Tess said she wanted to go back to the vineyard with Nash.

Natalie told John she visited John Doe in prison. John urged Natalie to not visit him ever again. Later, Kevin called Natalie to tell her that Jessica’s been hospitalized.

Shortly after Natalie arrived, Antonio and Nash came back into the hospital yelling. Tess heard Nash and started screaming for his help from her hospital room. Natalie was stunned to hear Nash say that he was dating “Tess.” Clint asked both Antonio and Nash to leave (again).

Blair accused Todd of killing Margaret and his unborn baby. When Todd neither confirmed nor denied the accusation, Blair picked up the phone to call Bo. Todd made her hang up and said he would come clean. He insisted that despite all his other lies, swearing on the lives of his children, that he did not kill Margaret. Just then, Bo called Blair and said she needs to bring Todd down to the police station for questioning in the murder of Margaret. Once there, Bo and John took Todd into a room for interrogation and told him that a DNA test showed that the bodies found at the lake were Margaret’s and her 31-week-old fetus. They presented Todd with a sketch of the suspect and pointed out how much it looks like him. They warned Todd that he better hope his blood doesn’t turn up on the murder weapon. Todd was confused about the mention of a murder weapon and said he thought that the dead woman had drowned. Bo said that they’re still investigating the cause of death. Todd grew frustrated and asked the cops to show him evidence they have against him. When they couldn’t produce any, he got up to leave. As he walked out, John and Bo pointed out that given the age of the fetus, Margaret conceived at exactly the time when she held him captive in the cabin. “Did you have sex with Margaret, Manning?” Bo asked. Todd told them both to go to hell. After Todd left, the cops both agreed he was guilty. Then, another cop delivered a DNA match on the murder weapon. Bo had John run after Todd to bring him back in. Denton, who was snooping around outside the interrogation room, called Todd on his cell phone so he could warn him the cops were coming after him.

Lindsay visited Nora in the hospital. Michael was surprised that Lindsay wanted to see Nora, given their past. Lindsay said she was there because Jen loved Nora. Matthew came by with Mary Ann (the nanny) and asked Lindsay if she would accompany him in to say good night to his mother. Lindsay agreed. Once inside, Matthew told Lindsay that he wanted her to come see Nora because she loved Jen. Suddenly, Nora’s machines started beeping. Michael and Paige rushed Lindsay and Matthew out of the room, and Paige remarked to Michael that Nora had a stroke.Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Tess came clean with Nash about everything, admitting she and Jessica were one and the same. Antonio showed up and told Tess that she was merely an aspect of Jessica’s sickness. Tess shot back that she was in control and that Antonio better get used to it. Antonio grabbed Tess and yelled for Jessica to come back to him. Nash tried to stop Antonio from roughing her up, but for some reason, two cops came and restrained Nash, not Antonio. Tess grabbed her head as Jessica’s voice taunted her. Bo arrived and called Viki to the scene. Tess took a gun off one of the cops and threatened to shoot Antonio if they didn’t let go of Nash. Antonio told Tess that killing someone would get her put in jail. Nash agreed, telling Tess to think about their baby and do the right thing. She lowered the gun and the cops swarmed her. She was hysterical and then passed out.

Clint visited Viki, who told him that Jessica is in trouble. They both left to go see their daughter after Bo’s call.

Blair locked Todd out of the penthouse. Todd pleaded from behind the door for her to let him in. “You know when I’m lying,” he pleaded. “I’m not lying. I didn’t do anything wrong.” Blair eventually opened the door and told Todd that she was tired of believing his lies, but she did let him in the penthouse. She then asked him point-blank whether Margaret is pregnant and Todd said yes, but that it was not his baby. He also admitted that Starr learned she was pregnant the night Margaret kidnapped her at his office. Todd admitted to Blair that he asked Starr not to tell Blair about the baby because he was trying to protect her. Todd then came clean about how he first learned Margaret was back in town when Asa had her in his guesthouse. Blair railed at Todd for not having the guts to just tell her everything in the first place. “All this pain I’ve felt in the last few months has nothing to do with Margaret,” she said, “It was caused by you.” Todd promised there were no more secrets, but Blair had a hard time believing him given all his lies up until that point. “I should have trusted you,” Todd said. “But old instincts came up and I was afraid. To tell you the truth I was a little emasculated. I was ashamed after what Margaret did to me. I don’t know if you know what that feels like.”

Bo told John that he thinks Todd has coached Starr to lie to the police about Margaret’s pregnancy. The cops then wondered why Todd would have possibly gone after Margaret himself knowing that she was facing a number of serious charges for her crimes against him and Blair. Bo then deduced that it must’ve been because the baby was Todd’s and that it’s possible that Margaret raped him.

Asa marveled over Clint’s return home. Clint told his father he was foolish to have gambled away a million-dollar horse in a card game. Asa said he meant to lose the horse to give Spencer a “false sense of security.” Clint then mentioned how sloppy it was that news of their company’s merger was leaked.Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Asa and Spencer got increasingly competitive over their card game. Asa threw a huge wad of cash on the table and said he was upping the ante. Asa then tossed his wedding ring on the table and added his “little home on the range” to the stakes. Spencer grinned. The final cards were dealt and Spencer wound up taking the hand. After Spencer and David left, Asa took his anger out on Kevin. Just then, Clint came home. “I guess this place needs me more than I thought,” he said.

Starr said she’d talk to Bo, despite Todd’s protests. They went down to the station and Bo told Starr and her parents that he had a witness who claimed Margaret is pregnant. Todd objected to the badgering of his daughter, and Starr didn’t ‘fess up. Outside his office, Blair told Todd she’s onto him and that she can’t believe he’d use their daughter.

At the airport, Nash demanded that Tess come clean with him about what’s going on. Tess told Nash he knew she had secrets all along. “I love you,” Nash said, “but I have put up with a lot of crap to be near you.” He said they would not be getting on the plane until he gets answers as to why she ran off with Antonio. Tess said she was kidnapped, but Nash had a hard time buying it. He said that Viki is not the monster Tess made her out to be and that she’s worried about her. “She’s worried about your sanity,” he said. Nash told Tess that when he walked into Antonio’s apartment and first saw her, that she looked at him like he was a complete stranger. “Our kid needs you to be real,” he yelled. “Our family needs you to be real.” Tess told Nash that Jessica created her. “You split into another personality?” he asked. Tess said yes, that’s it exactly.

Viki railed at Antonio for hiding Jessica’s illness from her. She told him that keeping it from her prevented her from giving Jessica the help she needs. Antonio said that he kept Jessica’s DID a secret because he was worried about Viki’s health. Viki was shocked when Antonio revealed that Bo also knew about it and kept it a secret. Viki tried to convince Antonio that it wouldn’t be easy to coax Jessica out when Nash is around because she is truly in love with him. Antonio refused to accept it, pointing out how Nash has only been with Tess for a few months where he and Jessica have been together for years. Viki told Antonio that he has to accept that Tess is real because she is a real part of who Jessica is.Monday, October 24, 2005
Blair slapped Ginger and called her a liar for saying Margaret is pregnant. Ginger told Blair to just ask her daughter, if she doesn’t believe it, because Starr saw that Margaret was with child. Dorian was upset that the argument was ruining her party, so she stepped up and told Starr to put the issue to rest by affirming for everyone that Margaret was not pregnant when she saw her. Starr evaded the question and Ginger left. Blair pressed Starr to tell her if there was something she was keeping secret. Just when the party seemed a complete disaster, a stripper showed up and danced with Dorian. The girls all laughed and had fun dancing, and Dorian thanked the dancer by slipping some money in his sparkly red underpants.

Ginger met Rex at the Palace. Rex told Ginger he believed her story about Margaret being pregnant and he passed the info onto Bo.

When Todd showed up at Dorian’s party, Starr immediately ran over to her father. Blair said she wanted the three of them to go home and talk, but then Rex and Bo dropped in, and Bo said he needed to ask Starr a few questions.

Viki begged Tess to tell her why Jessica needed an alter. She asked if she herself was the reason. Tess said she didn’t want to talk about the past. Viki begged for Jessica to come back out, and it seemed for a moment that she might, but then Nash showed up at the docks and told Tess he was taking her home. Viki begged Nash to hear her out before he left. Tess stepped away and Nash had a moment alone with Viki, who told Nash her daughter was very sick. Nash told Viki that he doesn’t know Jessica, but that Tess and he are happy together.

John had a conversation with his dead father. John said he wasn’t sure what Natalie was doing with a guy like himself because he always lets everybody down. His father asked John why he’s gone so far to protect Cristian and kept the truth from Natalie. John said it was to protect her. His father told John to help Cristian go free so that the issue could be put to rest.

Natalie visited Cristian in prison, thinking he is the John Doe imposter, and told him she heard he’s trying to get released. “Don’t even try to come between me and John,” she seethed. “John is everything you’re not. You destroy people, things relationships. You nearly destroyed me. Thank God John was there.” Cris told Natalie he prayed every day she’d fall in love again. Nat said his prayers were answered. “Do you love McBain as much as you loved Cristian?” Cris asked. Natalie blew up at his even asking such a question. Cristian said he really cares about Natalie. Nat answered by asking him to drop his appeal for release. “I promise you,” Cristian replied, “that no phony Cristian Vega will be walking out those doors.”

The Buchanans played cards with David and Spencer at what was a very subdued bachelor party. Matthew won a big hand and the boys all toasted to “Being a Buchanan.” Later, David lamented losing all his money at his own bachelor party. Rex showed up with info for Bo, and the guys all took a break from the card game. When alone, Spencer admitted to David that he’d thrown a few hands so that he can later win a big one from Asa.

The social worker came by to talk to Layla and Antonio about how Jessica has been spending the night in Tonio’s loft. Layla lied that Jessica was only there because Antonio thought that Jessica, who has always been a big part of Jamie’s life, deserved to spend some time with the little girl. Antonio assured the worker that he had no romantic feelings for Jessica.

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