OLTL Recaps Week of May 1, 2006

Friday, May 5, 2006
Michael and Marcie got married, despite the rain and the storyline reveals.

Natalie realized that young David Vickers was the same guy as the one in the sketch. Natalie was so stunned that she stood up when the priest asked if anyone had any objections. “Natalie, is there some sort of a problem?” groom-to-be Michael asked. Natalie quickly sat down, saying she had a charley horse. Natalie slipped out as did Evangeline, and John followed them with his eyes, wondering what was up. Evangeline and Natalie compared the two photos. Evangeline couldn’t believe the similarities. Cris came out and demanded to know what was going on. They clued him in. Evangeline tried to convince Natalie that the wedding did not have to be interrupted to tell John the truth about David Vickers. Natalie thought John had to be told right then. “He’s going to die when he finds this out,” Natalie predicted. The trio returned to the last bits of the wedding. Once the couple left the church, Natalie showed the two drawings to John who began to storm out, saying he was going to kill him — but he didn’t even get to the door. The church crashed down around Marcie, Cris, Evangeline and Natalie.

Adriana and Rex exchanged fervent glances when Michael stumbled through his vows. Michael came up with his vows on the spot, Marcie forgot what she had written, but they both declared their love (Marcie added lots of tears) and were so happy they would be spending the rest of their lives together. All of a sudden the doors blew open and the electricity went out. Marcie panicked. Michael calmed everyone down, the candles were lit, and the couple exchanged rings and were declared husband and wife. The kissed.

Nash and Antonio were both relieved they would soon find out who the baby’s father is. Tess declared that either way she was the mother. Tess wanted to take the baby home with her and Nash, though Antonio strongly objected. Antonio tried to explain that Jessica wanted to be a mother to this baby. Tess declared that Jessica was gone for good. Tess admitted to Nash that she was worried about the paternity test. Nash assured her that what they have is very real. Antonio got a court order to keep Nash and Tess and the baby from going home together. Until the results come in from the paternity test, the baby has to stay in the nursery in the hospital.

Kelly couldn’t accept the fact that Kevin was breaking up with her. Kevin accused Kelly of encouraging Duke’s romantic feeling toward her. Kelly began crying and then Kevin made things worse by listing all the horrible things she had done and began by mentioning Ace. Kevin thought God was really raining down on them. “That’s the cruelest thing anyone’s ever said to me,” cried Kelly. They never made it to the wedding; they just kept yelling. “How dare you talk to me like that?” Kelly screamed. Kevin asked for the ring back and tore it off her hand. “There you are, free. Maybe you can go have a baby with a man who can give you one.” Kevin headed to the reception and fastened himself to a bar stool. Duke found Kelly in tears. Duke asked if Kevin was drunk. “I don’t know,” she replied. “I’m so sorry, Kelly, but it might be better that way,” Duke added. “How long has it been since he’s held you?” Duke asked. Duke wiped a tear away and then, yup, went in for the big kiss. Kelly responded.

Marcie’s brother introduced the newlyweds to the cheers and hugs of the guests. Even Spencer smiled for a moment until he got a photo of David and Margaret sent to his cell phone. “This photo,” David said, “is going to save my life. It’s going to guarantee no one can touch me.”

Rex read a text message on Adriana’s phone that made it clear that her stalker was in the church. They headed home where the lights were also out. Rex went to check the circuit breakers while Adriana’s stalker approached her.

Blair called a cab; she wanted to go home to be with her kids. Spencer needed to stay to made a toast at the wedding. “This execution can’t come soon enough,” Spencer muttered.

Margaret didn’t remember Todd, but remembered having dreamt of a baby son. Margaret had no idea how to find this son, though. David volunteered to help her if she would help him. Margaret wondered how she could help him. David kept talking about her son hoping to jog her memory.

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Thursday, May 4, 2006
Marcie, a very nervous and very happy bride-to-be, was surrounded by “the girls” — Roxy, Layla, Lindsay and Adriana. Lindsay gave Marcie a necklace she had saved for Jenn’s wedding. Marcie’s dad arrived and let his little girl know that she was just like her late mother.

The McBain brothers had some nice bonding moments as they shared the flask of some alcoholic beverage. Spencer brought Michael a wedding present. It was somewhat awkward, though, as Michael brought up the whole Paige-being-responsible-for-his-father’s-death thing. Spencer played it cool and calm. Spencer explained himself and gave Michael a hug, and at that exact moment John entered the room. John escorted Spencer out and when Spencer explained he and Michael were close and that Michael thought of him as a father figure, John made it clear that Michael already had a father. Spencer went back to the church. John gave Michael a pep talk. “Just be yourself. Michael McBain is a hell of a man and a hell of a brother.”

Meanwhile halfway around the world in Thailand, Margaret visited David. David couldn’t get her to remember anything about her life in Llanview, specifically Todd. David showed her a photo of Spencer and she still remembered nothing. Margaret agreed to help David by recommending he be sent to a mental institution. David wondered how Margaret could forget her own baby. Margaret paused.

Also behind bars, Bo dropped by Todd in prison and asked him about the conversations he had with Paige. Todd assumed (and said so to Bo’s face) that Bo thinks that Spencer is pulling Paige’s strings.

Guests began gathering at the church. Blair took a moment to say a prayer for Todd’s soul. Rex, Natalie, Cristian and Adriana all got there early to exchange awkward moments with each other. Cristian ogled Evangeline. Natalie cornered John in the lobby and let him know she wants him in her life. “The ball is in your court, John. So what’s it going to be?” John admitted he wanted her in his life. John gave Natalie the sketch of the shooter so, as Natalie so sweetly put it, “it wouldn’t be burning a hole in your pocket during Michael’s wedding.”

Rex pleaded with Adriana for yet another chance, but she said no way. Duke stared at Kevin and Kelly when they arrived. Kevin took Kelly across the street and told her that he thought they should consider a sperm bank. Kelly said she wanted his baby. Kevin got worked up and said, “If you can’t let go of that, then you’ll have to let go of me.” Kevin continued his tirade and pronounced “It’s over.”

Matthew walked in on Paige packing up her things. Matthew pushed her for details on her split from his father, but she wasn’t giving any information.
Meanwhile, Bo was pushing Todd for details about what Paige had told him. Neither man could make much sense out of what Paige had said. Todd again declared that he didn’t kill Margaret and asked Bo to please hurry up and find out who really killed her. Bo returned home and crossed paths with Paige. It was awkward.

As the wedding began, Spencer promised Blair he’d never leave her.
Layla suggested Duke stop looking for his father’s fiancé. Bo and Matthew Buchanan arrived in matching father/son suits. Adriana and Rex exchanged quick glances. Cris smiled at Evangeline as she sang. Natalie compared the photo of young David McVicar that Rex had to the drawing she had of the shooter. It was a match.

Todd looked at a calendar and began the countdown to his execution.
Wednesday, May 3, 2006
Michael got a phone call from his mother saying she was stuck in the Bahamas (bad weather) and couldn’t make it to the wedding, but Marcie and Michael decided not to postpone. So, it’s all systems go. Michael and Marcie are getting married, even though there’s a storm brewing outside. (Hint, hint: Something very bad will happen.)

At the church, John found Michael struggling over writing his vows. John assured him that the words would just come when Michael looked in Marcie’s eyes. Michael left to get ready while John took a seat and looked at the sketch of the man who shot their father. “Almost there, Dad,” John whispered.

Over at the hospital, Tess and Nash gushed over the baby but hadn’t come up with a name yet. Nash headed to the cafeteria and Antonio showed up with flowers. “She looks like you,” Antonio cooed. Tess was quite Tess-like (that would be rude) to Antonio who wondered aloud if Nash was really the nice guy he claimed to be. Antonio felt that Jessica was there in the room with them because Tess had the same look that Jessica would get when she’d spend time with Jamie. A nurse showed up ready to take blood for the paternity test.

Claudia ran into Antonio at the hospital and managed to plant some more seeds of distrust into him regarding what a creep Nash had been to her and what he would probably would do to Tess. Nash caught Claudia making a call to someone. “I’m getting Nash back,” she gloated. Nash told her to leave town. Claudia countered with news (shocking news for Nash) that she was moving to Llanview. Claudia got teary remembering their life together and reminded Nash that she had wanted a baby. Nash wasn’t being sucked into her song and dance and left her in the waiting lounge. Claudia took a peek at the baby and cried to herself that the baby was supposed to be hers and Nash’s.

At the church, Adriana heard Rex praying for direction as to how he could win her back. God didn’t answer that prayer (well, not directly) and neither did Adriana.

Duke asked Kelly why she let Kevin off the hook. (Kevin had hit Duke at Rodi’s.) Kevin overheard their conversation and the father and son began arguing. Kelly asked Kevin point blank if he wanted her to leave him. Kelly assured him she did not, but he reminded her rather harshly that “You don’t want me, you want the package — you, me, the baby. The dream is over,” he screamed. Duke ran into Kelly looking into the baby nursery at the hospital. Duke proclaimed his love to Kelly. Kelly appeared quite confused. “I’ll give you anything you want, the future you want (hint, hint: a baby),” Duke promised.

Over at the police station, Cris and Natalie reminisced about their wedding and marriage and sealed that chat with a kiss, a kiss that Evangeline misconstrued as a sign that they were getting back together. Cris immediately set Evangeline straight on that. Evangeline pretended she didn’t care about Cris’ love life, as she had to focus on saving Todd. John and Natalie bickered. She couldn’t seem to understand why John wasn’t just grateful to her that she had helped him find out about his father’s killer. Why did he have to always be angry at her? John countered, “You just don’t get it, do you?”

Though it appeared that everyone would make it to the wedding, no one had a real date. Instead, they went with relatives. Cris went with his cousin Adriana while Rex took his sister Natalie.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006
David pleaded with the Thai police, but they either didn’t understand him or didn’t care (probably both). He used his one phone call to ring Paige, who was at the hospital absorbing a familiar barrage of threats from Spencer. Spencer grabbed the phone from her, knowing it was David, and asked where he was. David didn’t answer, but Spencer heard a guard speaking Thai in the background and figured it out. Spencer went to Denton and told him to go to Thailand after David. “You know what to do,” he added.

Roxy threw a bachelorette party for Marcie. After it got underway, Marcie walked off. Lindsay followed her and asked what was wrong. Marcie said she was just sad about Jen not being there. Lindsay told her that Jen would never want her to be upset on her special night.

Michael went to Ultraviolet and ran into Hugh, who congratulated him and wished him the best with Marcie. Later, the bachelorette party showed up at the club. Rex tried talking up Adriana, but she still threw in his face that he helped “let a convicted murderer escape.” After Rex gave up, Duke approached Adriana. She told Duke that things between her and Rex were over. Duke said he isn’t seeing anyone either because he keeps falling for the wrong people.

Bo went to visit Nora, who was still lying motionless in the hospital bed. He told her that Jessica made him a great uncle and that Paige lied to him about being responsible for Thomas McBain’s death. He also said that he thinks the LPD dropped the ball on Todd’s case and that Matthew really misses her, especially now that Paige moved out.

Hugh saw Rex at the club and asked him if he knew what was bothering Bo. Rex said he didn’t and then left to go see him. Bo told Rex Paige moved out but wouldn’t elaborate. Rex told Bo that he thinks Adriana has a stalker. Bo hinted that maybe Rex is making it up so that he can appear to be a hero and win Adriana back. Then he walked away.

Blair talked to Todd at his jail cell. She told him that her kids saw the DVD he made. “You sounded like some ranting paranoid father more interested in saying ‘I didn’t do it’ than ‘I love you,’” Blair told him. She told Todd he needs to tell them he loves them before it’s too late. She then called Starr and Jack into the cell to talk to their father. Starr gave Todd a big hug, but Jack seemed scared and hid behind his mother’s leg. After the kids left, Todd told Blair she’d given up on him, and Blair admitted she doesn’t have any more hope.

John yelled at Natalie (again) for butting into his investigation (again). Natalie argued that John was being ungrateful. “Thanks to me, you finally have an honest to goodness lead,” she yelled back. She then told John that maybe if he finally tracks down the person who killed his father he can then find the John she fell in love with, “because he’s missing.” John told Natalie to just pass on the name of the lead to him and that he’d handle it. Natalie said there’s no way the lead is going to talk to a cop. John had finally had enough. “This is not a game, this is real and it’s dangerous,” he insisted. “And I don’t want to lose you.” Natalie told John he hurts everyone who cares about him, pointing out that he’s missing Michael’s bachelor party to tell her to butt out. John just walked out on her, reducing Natalie to tears.

John went back to Michael’s bachelor party just in time to hear him make a speech about how everyone can get a second chance if they only fight their pride and admit when they’re wrong. John and Rex seemed to take special notice. (Flash to Bo and Paige saying good-bye and Blair comforting her weeping, angry daughter.) Marcie gave a speech next. After a brief interruption by some thunder that made the lights flicker, she told everyone that she was prepared to be left all alone until she saw Michael and John fight to make their way back to one another. (Flash to Spencer angry and worried at the bar and David pacing back and forth in a Thai jail cell.)

Denton went to the ticket counter at the airport. The woman behind the counter told him that there was a tornado warning issued for Llanview.
Monday, May 1, 2006
With Nash and Antonio at her side, Tess tapped Jessica for help with the final push, and the baby was born. It was a girl. Tess asked Nash and Antonio to leave her alone for a moment with the baby. Once they were gone, she told Jessica to go away “and leave me and my baby alone.” Jessica asked Tess if she could hold the baby, but Tess said no way. Viki came in to talk to both Tess and Jessica. “I’m so proud of you for working together,” she smiled. Viki then told them that the baby needs them to stop fighting each other. Jessica told Tess that for the good of the baby she’ll back off, but that she isn’t going to give up. Then she “disappeared.” Tess told Viki that Jessica left.

Antonio told Nash it was time to do the paternity test and they broke out into an argument. Clint broke them up and told them the baby needs their support. Viki came out and told Nash Tess wants to see him. He went in and congratulated Tess. She told Nash that he made it possible for her.

Spencer caught Evangeline looking through old newspapers and asked her if she planned to find evidence of his killing Margaret. He told Evangeline that Todd would be executed in three weeks and that there’s nothing she can do about it. Evangeline told Spencer she’s sure he screwed up somewhere and promised that she’d find it in time to save Todd. Spencer asked why she cares so much about Todd and whether it had to do with Natalie stealing John right out from under her. Evangeline just laughed off Spencer’s jab and said her relationship with John was old news, while Spencer’s misdeeds are just about to make headlines. Later, Evangeline stared at an old, black-and-white photograph of a group of people.

David was stunned to find Margaret alive. Margaret told David her name is not Margaret and said she doesn’t have a baby. David got excited that he could nail Spencer now that he has Margaret, which would get him out from underneath him for Thomas McBain’s murder. Margaret told David to stop bothering her, and when he didn’t, she called the cops and they arrested David.

Vincent told Natalie that if it weren’t for his intervening, John would be killed for having showed up at the meeting with his witness.

John showed Michael a sketch of the guy who killed their father. Michael asked John what he’s going to do when he finds the guy. “He killed our father,” John replied flatly. “What do you think I’m gonna do?”

As Paige packed up her suitcase to leave their home, Bo told Paige he would’ve told her if he’d killed someone outside the line of duty. Paige told Bo she loves him but will never be good enough, but Bo said all she has to do is come clean with him now. Paige said she just can’t and asked Bo to say good-bye to Matthew for her. “I know you’ll be better off without me,” she told him and then left. Later, Matthew asked Bo where Paige was, because he needed help with his homework, and Bo told him that Paige had moved out. When Matthew asked what happened, Bo said, “We realized we just can’t be together any more.”

Lindsay went with Marcie to talk to a priest about her wedding. Marcie said that she and Michael weren’t totally on the same page in terms of kids. Lindsay told Marcie how wonderful having children is. During the ceremony rehearsal, John daydreamed about talking to his father and missed his cue to provide the wedding rings. Michael told his brother, “John, I’m counting on you.” After the rehearsal was over and John left, Michael admitted to Marcie that he’s troubled by his father’s murder case, but he refused to burden Marcie with it the day before her wedding.

At the hospital, Spencer grabbed Paige’s arm and demanded she tell him where David is.
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