OLTL A No-Go?!

Hot on the heels of wrapping up 43 years of production at ABC on November 18 and amidst a firestorm of online rumors and speculation, word is trickling down that OLTL's future with Prospect Park is indeed in danger as the company struggles to find investors to fund the show's production on its new network TOLN, which was initially slated to launch in early 2012. According to an article published on Deadline.com, Prospect Park is still trying to find a solution but "may decide to pull the plug as soon as today." In addition, despite several meetings, agreements with guilds have not been made as the transition from broadcast to online is reportedly a major snag in the negotiation process. Several actors who have signed on with the TOLN venture remain cautiously optimistic. "It's still up in the air," Jerry verDorn (Clint) told Digest last week on the set but the mood after the wrap party was "not very hopeful," according to one attendee. Look for the full story in an upcoming issue.

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