OLTL: That Natalie!

Now that she’s found true love on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, has the one-time problem child mellowed? What, you don’t remember her past? Read on.2001: After finding out from Allison Perkins that she was a Buchanan heir, Natalie arrived in Llanview with the intent to place herself into the Buchanan family and a fortune she felt was rightfully hers. She cleverly became friends with Jessica Buchanan, and worked her way into the Buchanan family before claiming that she was, in fact, the biological daughter of Viki and Clint. It was discovered that Jessica and Natalie were actually twins, but they had two different fathers (Mitch Laurence and Clint Buchanan), and that Allison Perkins switched the children at birth without Viki ever knowing she’d had twins.2002: When Natalie’s accomplice and lover, Seth Anderson, left town, Natalie became friendly with Llanview resident Cristian Vega. After Niki Smith tried to frame Natalie for pushing Ben out a window, Cristian was the only person who would believe her. Cristian and Natalie fell in love, which his girlfriend Jen couldn’t handle. After Jen got pregnant and claimed the baby was Cristian’s, a devastated Natalie married older man Michael Lazarus — who was really Mitch Laurence! Luckily, Cristian learned the truth about Jen’s baby (it was actually Al Holden’s) and the two reconciled.2003: Natalie and Cristian married, and Natalie found herself a new career: billiards. When detective John McBain came to town on a secret investigation, he used Natalie to get information on a man running a casino, Walker Laurence. Things ended badly when Natalie was kidnapped! Cristian saved Natalie, but was presumed dead. After a grieving period, Natalie got close with John, and the two appeared to be moving toward a relationship.

2004: Cristian returned from the dead, but was believed to be an impostor. After killing mobster Tico Santi, he regained his memory but asked John not to tell anyone, so his family wouldn’t have to see him go to jail. Jealous of John’s relationship with FBI agent and friend Kathryn, Natalie ended up sleeping with Paul Cramer, who proved to be a destructive and dangerous man. Natalie continued her relationship with him when John started dating Evangeline Williamson.

2005: Paul Cramer turned up dead and Natalie was the main suspect. Evangeline decided to defend her, and Natalie was exonerated. When Daniel Colson was discovered to be the killer, things were looking up for Nat, but soon she and Evangeline were kidnapped by the Killing Club Killer! John rescued them and realized his true feelings for Natalie, and the two united. Their happiness was short-lived when Natalie found out that the “impostor” was in fact Cristian and that John knew all along. After saving them in a prison riot, she dumped them both.2006: While working at the Llanview Police Department, Natalie and John got back together. Natalie helped John to piece together the mystery of his father’s death. On his way to propose to her, John was in a terrible car crash and presumed dead. He was later found to be alive (Hugh Hughes had been the one who died). When Spencer Truman was found dead, Natalie tampered with evidence to protect John, who was a prime suspect. Their relationship fell apart, Natalie was fired from the LPD and she went to work for Buchanan Enterprises.2007: Natalie clashed with mystery man Jared Banks, who was in town to get revenge on Jessica for something her alternate personality Tess did to him. After he blackmailed his way onto the BE board, Natalie continued to fight with, but was secretly attracted to, Jared. The two finally admitted their feelings for one another, but things fell apart when Jared claimed he was Asa’s long-lost son!

2008: Natalie discovered that Jared was actually the son of Viki’s boyfriend, Charlie. The two secretly began a relationship and decided to keep his true identity a secret. Things blew up in their faces when Dorian interrupted a BE board meeting and revealed the truth to everyone. A livid Nash got in Natalie’s face and Jared shoved him, resulting in Nash crashing through a skylight to his death. Nash’s wife, Jessica, vowed never to forgive Natalie and Jared for the accident, and Natalie was ostracized from the Buchanans. Jessica’s personality “Tess” came out, and locked Natalie and Jared in a secret room, where she planned to set off a bomb. Charlie and Viki rescued them without a moment to lose, and Natalie reconciled with her family.

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