OLTL: A Marty Memory Refresher

ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Marty doesn’t remember her past life in Llanview — but we do!1992-’94: Marty Saybrooke first appeared on the scene as Megan Harrison’s roommate at Llanview Hospital. Suffering from lupus, Marty’s wild ways were not helping her symptoms. After Megan’s death, Marty became friends with Megan’s mother, Viki. Marty caused trouble in Llanview after being rejected by Rev. Andrew Carpenter (whom she had come on to) by accusing him of an inappropriate relationship with closeted Billy Douglas. When her lies were exposed, Marty spiraled out of control and had a one-night stand with college boy Todd Manning, who then led a gang rape against her after she rejected him. Todd continued to make her life miserable after accidentally killing her boyfriend, Suede Pruitt, but later saved her life.1995-’97: While dating Dylan Moody, Marty traveled to Ireland to deal with her horrible Aunt Kiki, and met the dashing Patrick Thornhart, with whom she fell madly in love. Marty helped Patrick escape from the evil Men of 21, which resulted in Todd getting shot. When Todd returned to Llanview, he exacted revenge on Marty and Patrick, contacting one of Patrick’s enemies. Patrick and Marty left town after Patrick faked his death at their wedding.2004-’05: Marty returned to Llanview briefly to testify on Todd’s behalf while he was on trial for allegedly raping Blair. Later, she appeared in Todd’s dreams to gloat about Margaret Cochran’s assault on him.2006-’07: Marty returned to Llanview full-time with her teenage son, Cole, after the mysterious death of Patrick. After Cole nearly attacked Todd’s daughter, Starr, while he was under the influence of steroids, Marty and Todd’s feud resumed. When Marty was believed to have killed Spencer Truman after he attempted to rape Blair, obsessed Miles Laurence forced her into a loveless marriage. Detective John McBain found proof that Marty didn’t kill Spencer, and she ended her marriage to Miles. She and John began to fall for each other, but their love story was cut short when Marty was kidnapped by the men who had killed Patrick. After desperately trying to save her, John watched in horror as the van she was trapped in exploded, and Marty was presumed dead.2008: Marty was revealed to have survived the explosion, and was being taken care of by Lee Ramsey, who wanted to use her against John. After Ramsey was killed, Marty, having no recollection of her life before the explosion, was clueless when Todd took her in and began to take care of her. Not knowing that Todd had raped her all those years ago, Todd and Marty’s newfound friendship blossomed into love. Todd made elaborate plans to kidnap Starr’s baby, leave town and start a new life elsewhere with Marty. Sadly, for Todd, moments after he had made love with Marty for the first time, John crashed through her window. John rescued her and promptly told her that everything Todd had told her was a complete lie. Todd came home and confirmed everything John had said, including the horrifying fact that he had raped her all those years ago. Marty was stunned and devastated. She immediately took a morning-after pill and moved into the Buchanan mansion as a guest of Nora. She reunited with Cole and learned that the baby she was to have raised with Todd died. Needless to say, Marty still has a lot of rage to handle.

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