OLTL Alum Hosts Karaoke Contest

Fan favorite Brittany Underwood (ex-Loren, HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS; ex-Langston, OLTL) released her EP, Brittany Underwood, on iTunes on June 3. The EP includes her first single, "Flow" and features seven songs including "California Wild", for which she just recently shot a music video for. Underwood is currently accepting submissions on her website, brittanyunderwoodmusic.com, from fans who want to make their own "Flow" cover. Simply visit her site and click on the Contest tab. Follow the rules to enter for a chance to be featured on both her website and her personal YouTube channel. Videos should be sent no later than Monday, June 24. The singer/actress tells Digest, "This way they feel that they're a part of every time someone goes to my channel they're there and it's special for me and for them. I can put my top three on my website but then my favorite goes on my channel on YouTube. So anyone who looks up Brittany Underwood on Youtube and goes to my channel with my personal videos will see the winner's video as well."