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OLTL’s Jokers Are Wild

ONE LIFE TO LIVE fans and cast members were out in force at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York Aug. 20 for the annual Fan Club Luncheon, and behind the scenes, it was apparent that some Llanview residents aren't always playing with a full deck.

Eddie Alderson (Matthew), proved that when he revealed a hidden talent for Texas Hold 'em.

On-screen dad Robert S. Woods (Bo) chuckled, "I don't play with him, but it's (John-Paul Lavoisier, Rex) and Tuc Watkins (David) and Eddie. A couple of the girls, Bree (Williamson, Jessica/Tess), Heather (Tom, Kelly) play sometimes. Eddie took 'em for some serious money." He added, with a grin, "John-Paul had to get a night job."

"I learned how to play Texas Hold 'em from [Woods'] son Tanner," Alderson revealed. The precocious future leading man asked Soap Opera Weekly to print this inflammatory statement: "I taught JP how to play poker." Then he whispered, "Not really, but it'll get him mad."

Lavoisier was quick to defend his prowess. "I just want to say that Eddie should not have been playing with the cards he was playing. He had no business calling my raise. He got four kings. He's only the second person I've ever seen have four kings — and I'm the other one."

"But then you won [your money] back — some of it," protested Eddie.

"I got five of it back. You're still up on me $5 dollars," Lavoisier huffed.

The ongoing debate was a source of amusement for Matthew Metzger (Duke), who pointed out, "Eddie's been beating JP in poker, and I've been beating JP in poker." Which begged the question...was Duke's true rival for Adriana not the clearly outmatched Rex, but the highly skilled young Matthew Rappaport?

"Thankfully, he's too kind, and he's not that kind of guy. Otherwise, we'd be in trouble," laughed Metzger. "See, we're all fine until Eddie hits puberty. Once that happens, we're all done. We're pretty much just going to have to be his cheerleaders."

Hear that, Eddie? Ante up!

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