Olivia's Family Affairs

When is a couple not a couple? Well, with GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Olivia, that question is pretty hard to answer. Not only are she and Johnny all over the map, Sonny — her childhood sweetheart and the father of her son — is lurking on the sidelines, stirring up old feelings. Lisa LoCicero tries to unite Liv’s heart and her head.Soap Opera Weekly: How would you describe Olivia’s feelings for Sonny right now?

Lisa LoCicero: That’s a tricky question, because her feelings for Sonny are always very deep, and [she has] the strongest ambivalence in the world [for him], which is sort of fun and tricky to play at times, because she can wind up seeming like a hypocrite or a ping-pong ball [laughs].

Weekly: So she’s all over the place on the Sonny issue?

LoCicero: She is encouraging him to stop this thing, particularly as it involves Kristina and Johnny, [saying], “You cannot push forward with this. Don’t give them the satisfaction of being as upset as they want you to be.” She does want what’s best for Sonny, but she hates what he does. And some part of her will always be in love with him, you know.

Weekly: Is she rooting for Sonny to connect with his son Dante at this point? We know Sonny wants that, but Dante still seems reluctant.

LoCicero: I think she feels completely bewildered by Dante’s wishes on that one, but she’s not going to push that — not even one inch. She’s not going to push Dante toward Sonny. If that’s not what Dante wants, she’s leaving that ball completely in Dante’s court. I think she feels like she’s charted the course between Dante and Sonny so totally for all of his life [until now] — whether you want to call it meddling or not — that I think now she keeps saying, “He’s a grown man.” She knows that she raised him with a good heart and a good head. So she’s not gonna push him in any direction, other than to follow his own gut.