Old News

Sean Kanan, who plays slick Deacon Sharpe on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, confesses that he is stuck in the past — but that’s just the way he likes it, thank you. “Believe it or not, I really love antiques,” says the actor. “I don’t know where that comes from. People are usually surprised to know that because the character I play tends to have a taste for the sleek, contemporary look, such as what he likes in furniture and cars. But for me, I prefer antiques and vintage stuff. I enjoy going through antique boutiques, especially flea markets, and I love to look at old furniture and collectibles.”But Kanan admits that this passion isn’t shared in kind by his girlfriend, Sonia. “She’s French, and there’s a bit of a pervasive attitude with Europeans, who are raised with so many old things around them, like architecture,” Kanan surmises. “For them, there’s less of an interest in that kind of thing, but our country is so new that we Americans have a fascination with things that are older.”So, when it came to overhauling the house he bought recently, Kanan’s middle-ground approach ensured Sonia would be happy, too. “It’s a nice house, but the place was built in the ’80s and looked like it was out of MIAMI VICE,” he laughs. “Like, this was what some rich drug lord thought was cool. So, we spent months redoing everything. It’s very Mediterranean now, but it’s not crammed full of antiques.”Even though Sonia stays behind during Kanan’s antiquing excursions, that doesn’t mean he has to go stag. “I have a buddy who will sneak away from his wife, then I’ll sneak away from my girlfriend and we can go antiquing like a couple of old queens,” he chuckles. “We laugh about it, but we love doing it.”

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