October 8, 2003

4:58 PM: Oh, Mama
Baby alert! Or, at least, shower alert! GL’s Olivia may have sailed away to who knows where, but Crystal Chappell has stayed firmly put in New York City, where she gave birth to her second son, Dylan Michael on September 2.One week later, cast members threw Crystal a baby shower — and let Digest eavesdrop! You can get the whole photo spread in the upcoming issue (cover October 21, on stands October 14), featuring cake-eating, baby-holding and bubblegum cigar-chewing, but here’s one photo to help you set the scene — it’s nice to have a professional to do your makeup before your shower, isn’t it?And see you tomorrow!12:15 PM: Ring Of Truth
Top 5 Reasons We Miss PC
1) Caleb! Rafe! Caleb! Rafe! (And the rest of the cast, of course….)
2) We’ve learned to require a dose of vampires every day around lunchtime. And now that we’re not getting it, we’re tempted to feed elsewhere….
3) We like choice in our 12:30 p.m. timeslot. Y&R is gorgeous, but sometimes, you need variety, and DAYS isn’t on until 1.
4) Rawk and roll! Look, several soap chanteuses (should that be chantii?) sing beautifully, and there is Flash’s Midnight Logic band on OLTL. But only PC had a band that not only rocked — but showed us the process. Don’t all bands congregate in swank apartment suites to hash out songs on notepads? Exactly.
5) It was a good show!
There is some small consolation, however: Now that it’s dead, fans may pick among the remains of PC’s wardrobe and prop department. That’s right! You, too, may be the proud owner of Lucy’s dress, Alison’s necklace or even Caleb’s ring! Better hurry, though — it’s all on auction, and they all end October 16. Click on www.abcauctions.com, and tell ’em Digest sent ya….10:54 AM: Have A Little Fath
Are you a fan of DAYS’s Rex (Eric Winters) and Mimi (Farah Fath)? Then you’re in for a treat with our upcoming October 21 issue (on stands October 14) — we’ve got an oh-so-sweet Q&A with this darling duo. A sample, maestro:Fath: She’s whipped. She’s whipped.
Digest: I hope he appreciates that.
Winter: He does appreciate it and I think Rex is pertty whipped, too, because every time his world is falling apart, the one person he looks to for any kind of support is Mimi. But then he yells at her again.
Sounds like true love to us…. Be sure to pick up the issue for more!

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