October 6, 2003

5:08 PM: More Chat-terSpeaking of chats, we are having our final PORT CHARLES chat on Thursday at 4 PM to discuss the finale. So put that on your calendars and tell your friends to log on. We’d like to give the show a nice sendoff. And in case you haven’t checked it out, one of our West Coast editors, Tara Shaffer, put together a thorough recap of the recent PC Fan Club Luncheon. For all the nitty-gritty — from who was there to who took home the awards — go to www.soapoperadigest.com/features/pc/2003/fanclublunch.Be sure to check back in tomorrow morning for a sneak peek of the October 21 issue, which goes on sale October 14.Till then!3:00 PM: Chit Chat ClubDon’t forget to drop in for our daily editors’ chats hosted by our very knowledgeable Digest and WEEKLY show editors. (Click here for the chat schedule.) Today we have Mark McGarry overseeing the Y&R chat at 4 PM and Janet DiLauro chatting all things GH at 4:30.2:35 PM: Who’s That Guy?Been wondering who that cute, erudite, Shakespeare-quoting homeless guy on OLTL is? Eagle-eyed viewers may recognize Bernie from his brief on-camera appearance opposite Robert S. Woods (Bo) in 1999 as possible-angel, definite Palace-roof-dweller Bernie, but you should also know: He’s a long-time, now-retired OLTL director, named David Pressman, who was nominated 10 times for Emmys, and won three of them. Robin Strasser (Dorian) told us that he was known as “The Maestro” at the studio, and says, “He sometimes comes in to coach, helping the younger actors. He was never afraid to give you a hard-to-deliver note, like, ‘You were boring in that scene.’ ” And for another Pressman sighting — he was, just barely, visible in one of the live episodes from 2002 in Central Park. Noted then-Executive Producer Gary Tomlin, “In the dress rehearsal he was much more obvious than when we were taping. It was a bit of a snafu. But we were running long by the time we got to that point in the show and we had to cut the top of the scene, so he was a bit out of frame. He was in the background of one of the other shots!”11:57 AM: Love What You DoIt’s a quiet morning here at the Digest offices — a number of staffers are out today for the Jewish holiday. Nevertheless, we’re working hard to bring you the latest from the soap world. In fact, we just tossed around news ideas and voted on Editors’ Choice at our weekly editorial meeting. Who will get the accolades for last week? Our lips are sealed. But feel free to shoot us an email with your suggestions. (Click on the link in the suggestion box below.)Last week, Y&R Editor Tom had a chat with the always-accessible Co-Executive Producer/Co-head Writer Jack Smith, who gave him (and us!) all the scoop for November Sweeps (look for that in an upcoming issue — it’s gonna be good). Reports Tom, “You can tell Smith loves his job, because whenever the talk is about story and character development, he lights up like a Christmas tree.” Now, we can’t say specifically what Smith had to say, but here’s a tease: Temperatures may be cooling down — but Genoa City action is definitely heating up.

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