October 3, 2003

3:47 PM: Dress You UpEver think to yourself: Yeah, those pictures in Digest are sure purty, but what happens behind the scenes? Us, too, so sometimes, we tag along for the ride. There’s a lot of goofiness, a pretty decent food/snack spread (which actors barely ever touch, so that’s good for us — we’re all about the M-n-M’s), lots of liquid refreshment in small refrigerators, and rolling racks of gorgeous clothing. Plus, beautiful people getting made up and smiling for hours on end.Recently, DAYS’s Kyle Brandt (Philip) not only let us grab a ride, but we also brought a camera to take some snaps. Here is is figuring out what kind of clothes he’ll be wearing during the shoot — and figuring out how to best clean them, it seems! What a guy. That’s one picture you won’t see in the upcoming Digest. but if that whets your whistle, be sure to pick up the issue out next Tuesday (that’s October 7, issue date October 14)!And before we go for the weekend, one parting thought: Just one week away is the fantabulous Daytime Salutes St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Benefit in NYC (be sure to check out Upcoming Events for all the latest details. And while she wouldn’t trade the feeling she gets from helping for the world, we’re sure event organizer, ATWT’s Martha Byrne (Lily/Rose) is starting to sweat bullets over the major event. As she told Digest editor Jen recently, “This time of year is never calm in my life. I literally sit up at night thinking, ‘I’ve got to make sure that Victoria Rowell‘s [Dru, Y&R] car is on time; I’ve got to order baskets for everybody.’ I’m responsible for 14 actors flying in from California, so it’s pretty stressful. And I’m always concerned that people in New York will forget which night it is, so I’ll go over to Guiding Light and just let them see my face and say, ‘Remember the date!’ But I think about what St. Jude’s does and it’s all worth it.”And that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading Digest Today! More fun stuff next week — and for those of you observing Monday’s holiday (that’s Yom Kippur), have an easy fast!1:07PM: Praise YaAMC, which has really been getting our attention recently after a slumpy period, has also been working double-overtime to get teens and young actors who’ll have some staying power. Looks like they may have figured out the right formula with Jacob Young (JR) and Justin Bruening (Jamie). And we’re not the only ones who’re seeing promise with the recent castings.This week, AMC editor Mara spoke to Jennifer Bassey (Marian) and Julia Barr (Brooke), and both sang the praises of the newcomers to the extended Chandler clan: “They fit right in immediately,” smiled Barr. Head Writer Megan McTavish is also thrilled with the casting. “I saw them all working together on the network feed the other day,” she told Digest, and I thought, ‘There is a look of Adam about Jacob and a look of Tad about Justin. I think we can finally believe these young men are the chips off the younger blocks. That’s certainly the direction these characters are going to go,” she hinted. “As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Look at the fathers, and you will be halfway to understanding the sons.”9:57 AM: Heads UpAh, it’s chilly here in NYC this morning, but another day of hot soaps should do the trick….Did ya catch our B&B Editor Devin Owens yesterday on his show? Okay, so if you blinked you might’ve missed him, but we still think there’s a good candidacy for performer of the week there. Devin’s still on cloud nine, but as our Y&R editor Tom Stacy mused, “If Devin was playing the lighting director, doesn’t that mean he’s ultimately responsible for the chandelier falling on Macy?” We worry. The good news: Devin does have an alibi for Abe’s shooting on DAYS.And speaking of DAYS, hope you’ve got your VCRs (and TiVos) on “record”: Lisa Rinna‘s (ex-Billie; co-host, SOAPTALK) new show MERGE is premiering on Lifetime tonight at 8pm ET.And finally (for now!) — you Eric Braeden (Victor, Y&R) fans are in for a treat with our next issue (out October 7/cover date October 14): Major coverage, from his mug on the front cover to the accompanying cover story and a profile interview. A tidbit to get you hungry for more: “I’m aware of what is generally happening in television: the sissification of men…. The men are schmucks.” Not a label anyone would ever slap on Braeden or Victor….

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