October 29, 2003

3:10 PM What’s In A Name?To the “Today” fan who wrote us recently, we now have an answer to your burning question. It was asked: “I watch AS THE WORLD TURNS and I love Chris Hughes. I read on his website that he was is the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie Billboard Dad so I decided to rent it.” [Side note here: That’s quite a dedicated fan! Back to the question now] “During the credits, it said his character’s name, and it said the actor was Bailey Luetgert, but I know it was him.”Well, you’re right! The actor who plays Chris Hughes on ATWT is, indeed Bailey Chase. But his full name is Bailey Chase Luetgert. According to another section of his Web site, he dropped the “Luetgert” after a few jobs — you’ve just caught an early appearance. For more info on him, head to his Web site: www.baileychase.com — and keep in mind, we’ve got an article on Mr. Chase Luetgert in the issue on stands on November 18 (issue date 11/25).And now, a chance to do a little toot on our own horn — at last night’s Folio Magazine Awards (aka, the “Eddies”), both Digest and Weekly came away winners. Respectively, we picked up the gold and silver medals for “editorial excellence.” Editor Stephanie Sloane’s office has become a mecca for all of us visiting the little cubic award, and we’ve considered running around the offices crying “We’re No. 1” but decided that was a bit much. Besides, it’s news day!10:02 AM Must See TVLooking for something to do this Saturday night after a Friday evening spent gorging on your (or your children’s) Halloween candy? Here’s a little more for the sweet tooth: ABC is airing a sequel to the 1996 supernatural/feel-good flick Phenomenon this Saturday night (check your listings for times) called, appropriately enough, Phenomenon II. We’re not sure if this continues the story of a car mechanic who is struck with superpowers after seeing a bright light or starts the whole thing over again, but we were tres impressed that John Travolta himself is going to be introducing the whole thing. (As you may remember, Mssr. Travolta starred in the original.)So what does this have to do with soaps? Well, it prompted former OLTL’er Gina Tognoni (ex-Kelly) to give us a ring the other day to remind us that it’ll be on — because she’s in it! As Tognoni told us, “It is very much like the movie, just adapted for a two-hour movie of the week. It’s sweet. I really think it has a homespun, wholesome feeling that people are going to appreciate. Maybe even appreciate once a week.” Aha! So, it’s not just a film of the week — it’s an extended test pilot for a series! Laughs Tognoni, “We’d love to be doing it once a week.”So while we had her on the phone, we asked what Tognoni thought of the new-new Kelly (a role she originated), Heather Tom. The actress was delighted, and noted that “[Tom] and I seem to go out for a lot of the same roles!” And, she noted, she’d be thrilled to work over at Y&R herself. Hmm … could we be seeing a role-switching recast situation blooming? Now, that would be a real phenomenon.

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