October 24, 2003

2:25 PM Hoist The MizzenmastGetting ready for Halloween? Got your costume? GH has, reports our diligent and observant reporter, Tara Shaffer, who lets us know that the cast is about to put on a pretty spectacular show. Tara visited the set the other day, as the shows which will air on October 30 and 31 will air, and she says, “Be prepared for some amazing costumes.” She watched as they taped the shows, and assures us that a pirate and a princess will find themselves getting to know one another in ways the fairy tales never told us they would. (Could they be … Nikolas and Emily?) And both of them have on mascara! The ball, notes Tara, was outfitted by new costume designer David Zyla and will also feature some big plot twists … and a magic act. Can you ask for more? (By the way, Tara knows how the guy does his snazzy card tricks, so if you’re nice to her, she might tell how they’re done.)9:35 AM Darting A GlanceThought we’d abandoned you, didja? Nah — even blogs sometimes have to take a sick day. But we’re back for yet another thrilling and spine-tingling edition of … As The Digest Turns…While we were out, SOAPNet sent a particularly neato-torpedo promotional gift to our inboxes: The box was so big and flat we thought we were getting a dinner plate, but inside revealed a magnetic dartboard to help us figure out just Who Shot (Dallas’s) J.R.! It’s been so long, we’re not 100 percent sure what area of the board we should aim for, but there is a particularly satisfying snicking sound when that magnet happens to land on Patrick Duffy (Bobby). We’re not sure why, but it might have to do with a shower scene that happens later…. In any case, this is all to promote the Net’s DALLAS reunion special, paired up with the legendary “Who Shot J.R.” ep — though probably not the solution, not right away. All of this is going on during the week of November 10, so you’ve got plenty of time to figure out how to use that VCR and TiVo, finally. On November 11, specifically, Larry Hagman (da bullet-riddled man himself, J.R.), Duffy, Linda Gray (Sue Ellen) and Charlene Tilton (Lucy) will appear on SOAP TALK, bringing new meaning to the idea of “Veteran’s Day.” Sounds like must see TV to us … and we’ll bring the dartboard along, just in case.More soon!

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