October 2, 2003

4:04 PM: All Wigged OutOur intrepid editor Jennifer is back from the GL studios, where she’s been nosing around and chatting with the cast. She got there at 7:30 AM — talk about dedication. (And a lot of coffee.)Jen reports: “I was following Costume Desginer Shawn Dudley around for an upcoming ‘Behind The Scenes’ of a huge event they’re taping with lots of big plot twists involving most of the cast, so it was a crazy day. We almost didn’t recognize a lot of the stars because they were wearing brightly-colored wigs. I met newcomers Deborah Zoe [Eden], Troy Kurtis [Nico] and Stephen Martines [Tony; ex-Nikolas, GH], who came down after catching former co-star Jacob Young [ex-Lucky, GH; now-JR, AMC] on REGIS & KELLY.”Martines told Jen, “Jordi [Vilasuso; ex-Tony] did a wonderful job [with the character], and it’s great to be here, to be able to replace him. I know the backstory, but I’m interested to see what’s coming.” Martines was also looking forward to seeing Robin Christopher (Skye, GH) at the October 10 St. Jude’s event (more on that, soon), where he’ll be performing two songs from his CD. Adds Jen, “I left around 11, but the actors are probably going to be there pretty late into the evening.” Hmm. Wonder what kind of shindig is being cooked up in Springfield?And that’s it for today … more tomorrow!1:32 PMHow could we forget! Be sure to tune into B&B today — that handsome, enigmatic lighting director with Bobbie Eakes (Macy) is our own B&B editor, Devin Owens! Performer of the Week? We shall see….1:28 PMWell, yesterday as news kept us hopping, there was one person we were dying to hear from — DAYS’s Melissa Reeves (Jennifer). She was going to give us the scoop on Jack’s last days … but we ended up getting an even better phone call. DAYS Editor Stephanie chatted up the man himself, Matt Ashford, for our news section, and he had much to say about his final DAYS.As Matt, who also played Drew on OLTL told us, he took his character’s killing with a sense of humor … and history. “I told the guy who had to [kill Jack] that the last person who killed me off just won the Academy Award,” he said. “On ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Chris Cooper played the guy who came into the flower shop while Drew Ralston was getting flowers on the way to the wedding to Becky Lee and he killed him. So I told this guy who was with the brick, ‘Hey man, you’re in good company.’ It made his day.”10:46 AMGetting into high gear this morning … some of us are still coming down from the Bruce Springsteen show at Shea Stadium, while one of our intrepid editors is spending the morning over in GL’s Springfield (wonder what she’ll dig up over there)….And speaking of Springfield, here’s a bit o’ trivia about Rick Hearst (ex-Alan-Michael, GL; now-Ric, GH): Didja know his last name was changed from “Herbst”? All the more amusing since he’s now got a co-star with that last name — Rebecca (Elizabeth). In our upcoming issue (out October 7, issue date October 14), Herbst … er, Hearst discusses the quirky coincidence: “My grandma had always given me what she called ‘the business’ for changing my name … I’d always go on this big, long diatribe about how the casting directors couldn’t pronounce my name.” Be sure to check out the issue for more [and a fab 1990 photo from his DAYS as Scotty with his then co-star Charlotte Ross (ex-Eve)]!Finally (for now, at least): We need you! As we’re preparing to put together our annual special section on what’s “in” and what’s “out” in soaps, we want to know what you think. Click on the link below to drop us a line — so we don’t miss a thing!

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